Got a Great Memory?

Would it improve your learning and produce career benefits if you could
absolutely, positively double your long-term memory?

Ninety-five percent of students and executives learn the Einstein Memory System
within seven (7) days, and are actively using it to ace their exams and grades, and
get promotions in their career.

It’s easy to learn and easier to use, and best of all – it is a permanent learning skill.

What is The Secret?

Mentally visualizing ridiculous associations between ideas. It is a simple Chain/Link
program with a rhythm. You make a mental-image of the facts you want to remember, and hear it in your mind’s ear. Huh?

It is a fact that folks have difficulty remembering numbers, but when you substitute
words for the elusive digits, they become memory geniuses. We have taught it to
New York Stock Exchange traders who must remember hundreds of changing
stock and bond prices.

Prove it

Number one is a Bun – a frankfurter bun. One sounds like Bun.

Number two is a Ton – imagine a ton of coal sitting in you living room. Two sounds
like ton, right?

Number three is a Tree – mentally picture in your mind’s eye, a Sequoia tree in
your bathroom. Three sounds like tree.

Number four is a Door – make a mental-movie of a hand-carved mahogany door at
your residence. Door sounds like…?

Number five is a Hive – see bees buzzing around the hive under your bed. Five
sounds like…?

And so on. We go up to thousands, millions and trillions.

So What

If you want to remember Microsoft is selling at say, 25, it is hard when you have to
also remember one-hundred other stock prices. Numbers are abstract, while nouns
paint a picture in your mind’s eye.

The number twenty-five is remembered as twenty (Virgin), and five, which is a
Hive. You create an association of the NEW (Microsoft $25) and what you KNEW,
the meaning of the words Virgin + Hive.

Can you mentally picture 72 Virgins in Paradise (from the Koran),
flying around the Hive like bees? Associate the Virgins and Hive with your
computer software – 80% of computers use Microsoft. Even if you have a Mac, you
will remember $25 is the price of Bill Gates’ company.

How Long Does it Take

Fact: it requires five (5) days of practice for new ideas (words) to become an
automatic substitute for the abstract numbers. After that you have created a neural
network. The fastest way is to practice for 15 minutes before your fall asleep.

Your brain continues working (processing) new information while you are sleeping
and dreaming, so it is important to do it before going to sleep. After five days, it is
locked into your permanent long-term memory.

You can quickly learn 50-100 company stock prices, or the same number
of vocabulary words in a new language. Folks will call you a genius.

See if you can figure out how the Einstein Memory System does Hundreds.

1. Remembering hundreds (phonetically) using Italian pronunciation

a) one-hundred: Uno Cen-toe (Cento)
b) two-hundred: Due-Ay Cen-toe
c) three-hundred: Tray Cent-toe
d) four-hundred: Qua-Trow Cen-toe
e) five-hundred: Chin-Kay Cen-toe
f) six-hundred: Say Cen-toe
g) seven-hundred: Set-Ay Cen-toe
h) eight-hundred: Ot-toe Cen-toe
i) nine-hundred: Nov-Ay Cen-toe
j) thousand: Mill-Lay-

2. a) One-hundred and one: Uno Cen-toe eating a Bun.
b) One-hundred and two: Uno Cen-toe weighing a Ton.
c) One-hundred and three: Uno Cen-toe living in a Tree.
d) One-hundred and four: Uno Cen-toe knocking at the Door.
e) One-hundred and five: Uno Cen-toe flying in a Hive.
f) One-hundred and six: Uno Cen-toe beating with a Stick.
g) One-hundred and seven: Uno Cen-toe singing in Heaven.
h) One-hundred and eight: Uno Cen-toe waiting at the Gate.
i) One-hundred and nine: Uno Cen-toe cooking a Swine.
j) One-hundred and ten: Uno Cen-toe chewing on a Hen.

3. Two-hundred and one: Due-Ay Cen-toe eating a Bun.

4. Three-hundred and two: Tray Cen-toe weighing a Ton.

5. Four-hundred and three: Qua-trow Cen-toe living in a Tree.

6. Five-hundred and four: Chin-kay Cen-toe flying in a Hive.

Et al. to:

Nine-hundred and nine: Nov-Ay Cen-toe cooking a Swine.


If you would like to ace school and your career, we suggest learning to
read three (3) books, articles and reports in the time your peers can
hardly finish one, ask us how. To permanently double your long-term
memory, just email or call us.

copyright © 2008
H. Bernard Wechsler

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Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron's.
business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating 2 million, including the White House staffs of four
U.S. Presidents.