Take Action to Prevent and Detect Breast Cancer Early

There is a reason to be grateful, even when it comes to a serious issue such as breast cancer. We can be grateful that today, breast cancer is 98% curable. We often hear the devastating stories of breast cancer taking someone’s life far too young, but there is a positive side to the treatment and the cure. The key is early detection. If caught in the earliest stages, breast cancer is almost completely curable.

How do you catch breast cancer before it becomes deadly? You catch it early. The best way to detect breast cancer early is self-examination and routine mammography. Self examination is especially important in younger women, since routine mammograms are not normally conducted until age 40. However, women of all ages need to do breast exams monthly. In the year between mammograms cancer can develop rapidly, and waiting 10 or 11 months can make a huge difference in the disease’s progression.

Mammograms are quick and painless. With digital imaging being the norm today, a technician is able to complete the pictures in a matter of a few minutes. Within a couple of days, your images are reviewed and you know the results. If there were a questionable image, you can know about it within hours and take immediate action.

While breast cancer is not completely preventable, there is much we can do to reduce our risk. The American Cancer Society states that women who eat right, avoid alcohol, and maintain a good body weight through exercise can reduce their risk. Women can be proactive in minimizing risk and learning how to detect breast cancer in the earliest stages. Breast cancer is treatable, curable and women can go on to live full, normal lives.

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Kim Wierman was raised ion the North Shore in Boxford, Massachusetts and makes her home now in Derry, New Hampshire. Kim has worked as a professional writer and editor since
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