A few days ago I wrote a post called Happiness is a Decision. I decided to be more intentional in feeling more happiness everyday.

How to do that? Well, I could look for things during the course of the day to be happy about, right? Actually, I had been doing that in between realizing I was getting too absorbed in my work and forgetting to feel happy.

So, that was working to an extent except I wanted my happiness to become more natural and organic, ya know?

Recently I had a conversation with a good friend of mine who seemed to have integrated the feelings of gratitude into her life. As she spoke about what was happening, she welled up with emotion as she described what was happening - wonderfull and painful situations. No matter what she was experiencing, she was filled with joyfull gratitude. The key is finding the value (the gift) in each experience rather than focusing on the problem or challenge. Get it?

Now, I know this. I look at situations in that light and I help others to do that too. I wanted to feel more happiness spontaneously.

My friend suggested I end my day by writing 50 things I’m gratefull for every night. Yikes! 50!

So, I compromised. By my bedside, I have my new journal. Each night, without fail, I write 2 full pages of everyone and everything I’m gratefull for. My list ranges from 35-40 things. And, I manage to write many new things every night even though it is a bit of a stretch to fill the pages. I’m not necessarily brimming with gratitude about everything I write and that’s ok. When I’m finished, I feel peacefull.

It’s very cool.

So, why am I telling you this? First, you might want to do this yourself.

The main reason is this. I am starting to notice something about the way I’m feeling. I’m actually feeling happier and gratefull during my day no matter what’s happening. Of course when something I like happens, feeling happy is a natural response. I’m enjoying feeling happy when nothing is happening. The emotion of happiness and joy is so powerfull!

Here’s another reason why I wanted to know what she does to feel happy. She’s able to manifest things faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. What makes her so good? Regardless of what happens, she is able to feel gratitude for the experience. She has really mastered a critical key to the Law of Attraction - letting go of the outcome. This gratitude practice helps her to stay connected to her soul and to Source energy.

So, I intend to keep up this practice. Being connected to Source is what I want. You?

PS. I am also starting my day by taking a few minutes before I get out of bed to be still and silent. I contemplate the day I wish to create or ask The Divine, “How can I be of service today?” I like the idea of framing my day with spiritual intention, openness, and gratitude. Really sets the tone for my day so that I am attracting what I desire.

How about you? How will you begin and end your day?

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