Gratitude and commitment are the keys to success. To be successful you must commit yourself to your dream. You must do so wholly and without doubt. When your conscious and subconscious mind are in alignment with your desires, magical things will begin to happen. You will be propelled into a new world and you will walk on the creative plane where anything imaginable is possible.

Obstacles you once faced will be replaced with opportunities. You will move more easily and effortlessly in a state of flow. Commit to your dream and your dream will become your reality. Commitment coupled with gratitude places you in alignment with the great powers of the universe. What you want or desire is for the asking. However, in order for you to receive it you must be in a continuous state of gratitude. The more gratitude and love you emit, the stronger the vacuum you create for the things you want.

Commit yourself to your vision and give thanks for all that has manifested in your life today and for all that will be brought to you tomorrow.

Here are three exercises in commitment and gratitude that will help lead you to success.

1. Wake up every morning and give thanks for the opportunity to be the master of your life. List the things in your life for which you are thankful. Most importantly, give thanks for the things that you have requested from the universe that are in the process of being brought to you.

2. Commit to your dream everyday by creating a list of goals you wish to achieve that day. Approach every goal, project or task happily and view it as an opportunity given to you that will help you to achieve that which you desire.

3. Give thanks for every successful action, conversation, interaction and thought that puts you in a state of joy. The more you do this, the more good things will come to you. By giving thanks and expressing your gratitude continuously you strengthen your connection to the source.

Commit to your dream and hold yourself in a state of gratitude. These are the keys to success.

Author's Bio: 

Lyndsey Shaffer is the Co-founder of the Onyx Six - Women of Color Business Network. Onyx Six is a business development network committed to creating a supportive and influential community of minority women entrepreneurs and professionals.