The “Green Movement” begins with small steps. We cannot all go green all at once. I started by changing to fluorescent light bulbs. Then I switched from plastic bags to paper. Now I use my own washable bags for shopping. My next step is going “green” with my skincare products. A natural skincare product that is not only good for my skin and my health, but also for the environment. And one that actually works.

I never paid much attention to the products I used every day on my body. But I have been educating myself by visiting different websites and reading books. The information is overwhelming, and one could get lost and spend hours upon days, upon weeks sifting through the information.

Where to start, who to believe, these are very important questions that need answering. In my next article I will list some websites and books I have used, but right now I want to direct you to a natural, non-toxic skin care line that can bring you some great results and within 30 days, so you don’t have to use it for six months to see if it actually works.

Click on over here to see what I found and how this company is going to make all other skincare in the world obsolete.

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Theresa Giambrone is a network marketing professional currently participating in a marketing experiment founded by Coach Nadira Haniff, called 180daystogreatness.