As a “Results Coach” to numerous business owners in a variety of fields, I am often puzzled as to what little or no effort goes into marketing.
Businesses spend money on advertising methods such as billboards, signs, car signage, magazine and trade journal space, newspaper, mail drops etc… and yet every day I witness 100 mistakes for every element I see correctly implemented.
You see, marketing is an absolute science. It has rules. If you break the rules you will either lose money or become ground breaking. As sexy and exciting as being a “Trailblazer” sounds, it often ends in disaster.
The Golden Rule in marketing is to learn the rules before you ever attempt to break them. Whilst that may not be glamorous – it will make you money.
By applying what you are about to read now, you can dramatically increase your marketing pull and potential profit.
Want proof?

“Thanks to Scott I have gone from not getting paid to booking a one month holiday in Thailand because he has literally turned our business around in less 5 hours of consulting. We have sold more memberships in one week than we had in the last 2 months combined. Our stagnant product is now moving. Our first mail drop with Scott cost just $275 and has already pulled in $7,656 in just days. That’s a 2783% Return on Investment and we are not done yet as people are still calling. We have had the best week ever since we opened our doors. Forget the stock market and hire Scott. The best part is he is teaching us how to do the same for ourselves. His methods are very empowering.” - Kylie Hams, Founder of Trim’N’Terrific Exclusive Personal Training Studios

There are stacks of marketing rules. Every type of ad you run will have its own set of rules you should seek to learn and follow. But these variances are often only slight. The art of copywriting and the ever present human element leave behind a certain predicability that makes marketing so exciting.

Here I will share with you 21 Secrets to Profitable Sales Letters. Mind you, all of these secrets could be easily applied to any form of marketing.

1. Stay away from image ads that fail to make any sort of offer, call to action or extend any real benefits. Image advertising is an “idea” sold to many business owners by media and people who rely on ignorance to accumulate repetitive ad space purchases in the hope that “repetition” will bring more sales.

A crap ad won’t work no matter how many times you show it. Direct response is the ONLY way to go. The purpose of ALL ads for small business owners must be to make money. Period!

Newsflash! If you have your logo in the top half of an ad or sales letter you are selling image – not benefits to your potential customer.

You may be thinking, “Well so many people do it so surely it must hold some water!” Think again!

Think about this… you get stuck in a conversation with someone and all they do is talk about themselves. You become bored stupid in less than 5 minutes.

A logo at the top of the page with copy that follows it with that “ME, ME, ME” garbage is as boring to read as it is to listen to. Got it? Good!

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