I still remember the day I received the letter in the mail that made me realise that this book just had to be written. I had been working hard on myself for many years, reading books, listening to tapes and going to seminars when I opened the letter that gave me the clarity I needed.

The letter was from a thirteen year old boy who had a high school teacher that made the class write down some of the things they wanted to do when they left school. The young boy probably wouldn’t have written such a letter if it wasn’t for the teachers prompting. It was an A4 sheet of paper that was filled with dreams that would seem well beyond what most people ever achieve in a lifetime.

To a thirteen year old boy though, there is no such thing as impossible, so he just wrote.

“A job I would be keen to do when I leave school. I think I would have to turn pro (tennis) and travel circuits if I’m good enough.”

As I read through the letter I stopped for a moment to refer to the note which was attached from the boy’s mother.
She wrote on it, "I don’t think my son would realise it but 90% of these things have been accomplished".

She was right. How do I know she was right?

That thirteen year old boy was me. That letter took sixteen years to arrive at my door. You can imagine the nostalgic feelings that I experienced as I began to reflect on my achievements. I am grateful that my mother has an incredible knack for accumulating family history. All but two goals on this piece of paper have been achieved and in case you were wondering, the other two are happening right now because you are reading this article.

The strong message that this letter drove home for me was that the power of the subconscious mind will never quit until it manifests its goal, no matter how long it takes.

The lesson which I now really understood was that the subconscious will accept the written word as a command and go about creating the actual fact with or without our conscious awareness.

The Power of Subconscious Goal Setting had never been clearer to me. As a boy without any apparent limitations, I was amazed at how accurate this letter reflected my life up until now. I don’t remember ever writing it, but reading through it brought a flood of memories back to me. The most important things in this letter are the things I am most proud of today.

So, I have one question for you...

"If you could write down any goal, knowing 90% of it will come true in less than 16 years, what would you write down?"

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Scott Groves is the Author of 6 Books including "The Power of Subconscious Goal Setting". You can learn more about this and access hours of audio learning by visiting Scott at http://www.scottgroves.com