It’s not what you eat, it’s what your cells eat, that makes a difference in your health!

As a child growing up, I used to enjoy using the well known saying, “You are what you eat”, while pointing to various items my friends may have been consuming. At the time, I was using it in a very literal sense in order to make a joke. I understood the concept of course, but did not give it much more thought than that.

Now that I am a bit older I have come to realize that, although the saying was on the right track in the sense that our diets do have an impact on our health, it isn’t quite as accurate as we once thought, nor is it that simple.

Like me, you were probably taught by your parents, teachers and doctors to eat a healthy, well balanced diet rich in nutrition, get plenty of rest and to exercise. You were told that this will ensure good health and you needn’t concern yourself about other factors. This was once sound advice but in today’s world it has become flawed.

Today's food supply no longer contains enough of the nutrients your body requires. Our modern growing techniques, depleted soils and preservatives together with cooking and refining processes have resulted in lower nutrition content in our foods.

Our polluted environment and high stress lifestyles take a toll on your tissues and cells which can lead to disease and aging. Our bodies can no longer make enough antioxidants to combat the damaging effect of our environment.

Lifestyle stresses mean an increasing drain on our energy reserves and immune systems, and place our bodies at risk to a host of stress-related symptoms and diseases.

All of these issues combined, make nutritional supplementation not only advisable, but a requirement if we wish to maintain good health and vitality over the course of our lives. This fact is becoming more and more accepted, not only by the populace but also in the medical establishment.

The increasing demand for added nutrition has created a huge market for health food and supplementation companies; a void that countless businesses are rushing to fill. Unfortunately, with so many “players” in the market trying to get their “piece of the pie” there is a lot of confusion about what supplements you should purchase and what ingredients they should contain.

Taking a supplement is one thing, being sure that the nutrients contained in the supplement are delivered to the cells of your body are quite another. As a consumer, you need to be confident that the nutrients you swallow are fully used by your body and not just simple passed through.

Instead of merely seeing how many ingredients they can add to the label to impress you, formulators should make sure that each of their products only contains those nutrients that your body will recognize, absorb and use to promote optimum health.

What you need is “Guaranteed Cellular Delivery”

It is only at the cellular level that nutrition can be of any benefit to your health. In order to guarantee cellular delivery, formulations must include the enzymes and mineral cofactors that support delivery of vital nutrients in a format that is readily recognised and utilized by the cells of your body. If these enzymes and cofactors are not included in the supplement, they will either be robbed from your tissues and/or bones, or the nutrients will simply pass through with no effect.

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”Guaranteed Cellular Delivery” - What a concept!

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