Imagine what it would be like if you found a technique to increase your repeat and referral business. What if this technique not only gave you top of mind awareness with your clients and customers but also provide them with real value?

Not staying in contact on a regular basis with past clients and customers is a mistake many salespeople make. It's a costly mistake because people who have bought your product or service are a great source of repeat and referral business.

Studies show producers need to "touch" their clients at least 10 times per year to build solid relationships. "Touches" include phone calls, mailings, newsletters, etc.

A technique I've used for many years to stay in touch is sending out a newsletter. Sending a newsletter dramatically increased my income while providing a service to past clients and prospects that met with rave reviews. I heard compliments all the time from people who looked forward every month to my newsletter.

I even received phone calls from people who waited for my newsletter every month and for what ever reason didn't receive the current months issue. I was providing such a valuable service and doing it regularly people anxiously awaited the next issue and many times shared it with their friends.

Sending a newsletter is a low cost way of keeping you on the top of your clients minds when it comes time to buy again or when one of their friends is in need of your product or service.

Every month I sent out hundreds of newsletters to past and current clients, prospects I was following up with, referral sources and people who only showed an interest. It was a great way to stay in touch and position myself as the expert in the area.

I sent out a newsletter I purchased from a company who specialized in preprinted newsletters for my particular industry. If you want to make your own it's a great way to make the communication very personal.

Some examples of content for your newsletter are special dates for the month, Jokes or limericks (be sure they are not offensive), helpful tips, crossword or word search puzzles, testimonials, profiles of your clients or contacts, book Reviews, upcoming events in your industry and of course, information about what your business offers.

It will take time to gather and put together the right information to make this technique work properly, however, it will be time well spent.

Use this technique and you will see an increase in your business. By taking the time to produce a quality newsletter that provides local and relevant news in your industry you will stand out from the masses.

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