Even the mightiest of oaks starts as the tiniest of acorns.

Neither one is greater than the other; they're just merely different forms of the same thing. And yet, we often look around our lives and see things from only today's perspective. We look up at the oak, but down at the acorn. Sometimes we fail to realize that it's really the acorn that makes all the difference.

We can control the little things
It's far easier to take that acorn and do something with it, than it is to conquer the oak. If we look around our lives, we'll see many, many acorns. Now is the time to grab the ones we want to plant, not later when they grow beyond us.

We can nurture the little things
Bigger trees need more stuff… more sunlight, more water. Little things just need a little bit of nurturing to get them started.

We can dedicate ourselves to the little things
Sometimes dedicating yourself to big things just seems to be overwhelming. Tat alone can stop us from even trying. If what we're trying to do, or trying to get, seems small; then it makes us “go for it” where other times we wouldn't even try.

We can change the course of the little things
Pivotal moments are actually tiny moments. They just have a HUGE impact on everything from that moment onward. It's in those tiny moments that we have the most power; we control the direction of where it's going. Better to be aware, and to be in control, of those pivotal moments; so that we can adjust as we go.

We can love the little things
Love is big, regardless of size. Love isn't earned by how much something grows, or how big it is. It simply is; and it's loved or not loved for what it is. Let's not wait for something to grow before we decide to love it or not. It needs more love at the beginning anyway… so love freely and often.


Guru-cize it!

Water something
Look around at some of the little things you have... a pet project or hobby you may have been neglecting; something you really care about. Then spend some time with it. Doesn't have to be a big, long time... just nurture it for the moment and see what happens.

Author's Bio: 

Stuart Rosen has been known as "Gurustu" since the last millenium. During that time he has had a radio show in Los Angeles, a book ("Lil Words O'Wisdom") and articles scattered across the internet; all gathered together at gurustu.com. He's always happy giving advice... and the musings you see here are no exception.