According to the National Addiction Center, most of us stick to our resolutions for less than 90 days.
What happens during those 90 days that keeps us from adopting a new habit pattern?
Most “Change Your Life” programs guarantee success if you stick with it for 6-8 weeks.
Why are those first 6-8 weeks so crucial?
Normally, it takes at least that long to bring about a change in Beliefs, and Behaviors.

As B.B. King said, in of one his blues classics, “the man is grown…don’t try to raise him up again…” We as adults have formed most of our attitudes, beliefs, opinions and behavior patterns by the time we are 21 yrs of age. For us to change our practiced behaviors (our habits) requires a change in Beliefs before we can adopt a new Behavior.
Here are 6 Simple steps toward developing a new Beliefs and new Behaviors:
1. Decide what benefit you will gain if you adopt the new Belief and Behavior
2. Create a list of negative consequences from not adopting the new Attitude and Behavior.
3. Create a support system to help you thru struggle of the new change (a Coach ,a friend)
4. Post your new goals for friend and foe to see. This can provide positive and negative reinforcement.
5. Devise Milestones and “little successes” celebrations during your first 90 days.
6. Create a Grand Final celebration where you pronounce to the world your new success and share your success with your support team.
Achieving new goals is all about changing your Belief systems and adopting new Behaviors.
As the maxim states, “You can’t sell an idea to the head unless you have first sold it to the heart”.

Before attempting to adopt new goals examine your heart. Do you Believe theses changes are necessary and do you Believe you can make the changes occur? Once you heart has adopted the new belief you can more easily make the behavior changes needed to achieve your new Goals.

Richard S. Asbury
Vanguard Coaching Services
“Helping You Bring the Pieces Together”

Author's Bio: 

Richard is the Principal Performance Consultant for Vanguard Coaching Services, LLC.
He holds a M.S. Ed, in Adult Education , from Cleveland State University, a M.A. Ed from Pepperdine University and a B.S. Ed from Ohio University .
He holds professional certificates in : Seminar leadership, Human Performance Improvement , and Public Speaking.
He is also an adjunct professor at Indiana Weslyan University in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Organizational Development.

Richard has 12 years experience assisting small and medium-sized business owners in making Electronic Commerce and Employee Development decisions that have positively influenced their businesses. He has conducted over 2000 hrs of workshops on numerous Employee Development subjects.

Richard was an active duty Naval Officer for 21 years. He served in the Surface and Special Warfare components of the Navy, held numerous management positions ,in various types of organizations and traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa. He has also visited numerous countries in the Caribbean as an avid SCUBA diver.

Richard is happily married to Roxann and they have two grown children: Valerie & Tariq