Are you moving towards or against what you want?

Every action you take supports something, some result.

The question is - are you taking the actions that supportthe results you would rather have in your life?

If not, are they supporting something opposite of what youwant or are they neutral? Either way they are notsupporting your desires.

If you have all the same thousands of thoughts tomorrow asyou did yesterday -- you will be the same as yesterday.

Us humans have the type of brains that we have for a reason, so that we can change our lives. We don't need to keep doing and living the same over and over.

To get anywhere, a group of small steps put together in thesame direction lead you to your destination. But if yourthoughts and behaviors do not lead down the path of yourdesire, where are you going? You will at least be delayed by the inconsistency of your actions or even halt any progress all together.

There is always a reaction to every action, everything youthink and do leads to something. Is it what you want ornot? What you live with now is the result of previousthoughts and actions.

Everything is perpetuated when you continue to take the same actions.

So, desiring something different is great, but you need toadjust your thinking and your actions in order for anythingto be different.

In order to see and live something different, you mustgradually take more action towards what you want and lessagainst. You will always be supporting something, whichwill it be?

The way to begin change is to take a look at what you aredoing each day and make appropriate adjustments that support your desires. If you leave this up to, 'when I think about it', you will soon forget about it.

To succeed, set up a small system to interact with on adaily basis, something you can schedule and plan into yourday, something you will be more likely to get into a routine with, something to interact with, utilizing more of your senses.

Take the time to think about what you did and what youthought about, at the end of each day.

With this you begin to see that you have a choice over yourthoughts and actions rather than continuing to leteverything be automatic.

Write your discoveries down and analyze them - do they helpmove you towards or against the life you want?

You can do this at the end of the day just before going tobed or first thing in the morning. Do what works for you.If you find you can't remember enough in the morning, better do it at night.

Don't let frustration with failure to immediately change get you to stop your efforts. At first you might automatically revert back to how you have done it before, as this is your habit. And habits want to remain as they are. You must be persistent.

At first you may not even notice that you have not changedyour action until when you sit down to analyze the day.After as while you will begin to notice during the daywhether you have reverted back or stayed on track. At somepoint you will catch yourself as you are doing what youdon't want to do, and then you become aware just before youdo it, enabling yourself to choose to do it differently.

Stick with it. Small daily adjustments in how you think andact can lead to huge changes in your life if you persist.Failure never meant stop, it means - try again!

Changing your life to be how you envision usually does nothappen with one large event; rather it is the compilation of small changes you make in your thinking and action.

Remember action - reaction? Doing something towards changeonce in a while will give you once in awhile results.

Start with something small and not very emotionally chargedand you will find that your small successes will lead tomore confidence and determination enabling you to increaseyour personal power over your habits.

Personal growth is your responsibility - you decide to gotowards or against what you really want each day.

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