The first step towards healing paranoia is to overcome (eliminate) the denial. If this is not accomplished you may be condemned to a lifetime of conflict, alienation and addiction to struggle.

Everyone has paranoia to some degree. Acknowledging it puts you in a better position to conquer it.

Paranoia is the terrifying fear of being hurt.

Paranoia is giving someone else all the power to hurt you when they don't want it.

Paranoia is false accusations pretending to be real.

Paranoia is the accuser side of the false/unreal self. The feeling is real but the characters are displaced and substituted. The accused is merely a stand-in for the real person.

Paranoia needs an enemy, but can't seem to find the real persecutor. So, anyone will do.

Paranoia victimizes the innocent by accusing them of being guilty of harmful actions that never occurred in the first place.

Paranoia claims that you are guilty before the trial and the probability of your innocence is denied and rejected.

Paranoia can only exist in the absence of joy, happiness, gladness, laughter and peak experiences.

Paranoia thrives in an inner universe of intensely walled off, suppressed and repressed hurt and pain.

The victim of paranoia has a very difficult time differentiating and distinguishing between the real and the unreal.

To choose the unreal is to allay, but not eliminate anxiety. Projection gives a temporary reprieve from feeling unacknowledged agony.

Accusing others of wrongdoing gives temporary relief, but denies access to your darker side.

Paranoia keeps you from growing and evolving into your full mature potential.

Paranoia is a form of emotional retardation that kills joy and emotional growth.

Paranoia is based on the rejection, denial and suppression of vital parts of the self.

If you have a paranoid delusional disorder, stay away from serious relationships until you are cured.

Marriage is out of the question for paranoid individuals.

Paranoia likes to hide/conceal itself in other self-justifying defenses.

Paranoia is self-defeating, relationship destructive and ultimately self-destructive.

Paranoia can only exist in a doom and gloom mentality.

When you are small and young, it is easy to be taught to be afraid of being harmed.

Children pick up and imitate the emotions of their parents. Teach your children joy and happiness.

A positive mind has no room for unreal fear. A happy, optimistic mind enjoys what a paranoid fears.

A good time for most people is a bad time for the paranoid mind. A paranoid person is the ultimate party pooper.

Paranoia is like an illegal and dangerous U-turn!

Paranoia attests to the power of negative thinking.

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Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Southern California and Director of the Institute for Transformational Therapies. In addition to private practice, he has made his expertise available to people everywhere via his Telephone Therapy Program. A full description of his specialties and therapy programs is available at his PsychotherapyHELP web site at He can be reached at his office at (818) 882-7404 or via email at