I am sometimes asked what are the great breakthroughs of Psycanics for human knowledge.

There are a goodly number of these, including the nature of spirit, of BEing itself, the nature of the mind, the true nature and the real cause of the emotions, the nature of love, and the nature of happiness. In this bulletin, I want to address one of the most basic concepts of person needs to understand to have life make sense and to start on the road to being happy all the time no matter what.

The cornerstone concept here is that of EXPERIENCE. Experience (your Experience) is a very sophisticated concept. Unless you have carefully studied this concept in Psycanics, it seems just another word, just another idea. It is not however: is an extremely important concept that must be fully understood to understand life.

Your Experience is everything that you can perceive, feel, think, and thus everything you can or will ever know of. It is the only thing that exists for you. There is nothing else but your Experience. You THINK there is a universe out there, an external reality, and that it really exists, but that is just an illusion. There is only Experience. Your prime experiences in life are not those of the physical universe, but those of Self, which include self-image, self-esteem, love, your emotions, and happiness itself.

The Ultimate Motivation of ALL Human Behavior is to control one's Experience. There isn't anything else going on in your life except your efforts to control your Experience. If you don't understand this; if you think you are doing anything other in life than trying to control your experience, you do not understand the Existential Imperative of your existence: which is to control your experience. You seek to avoid negative (painful) experience and to cause yourself positive (pleasurable, happy) experience. This is the ONLY thing you try to do in life. There are NO exceptions.

You are a spirit, a non-physical LIFE-energy entity. Although you are currently located in a human body and focused in the physical universe, you never cease to be a spirit to and to be subject to ALL the laws of spirit. You escape nothing spirit-ual by being in a body. While you are being human, you cannot ignore the spirit-ual side of your existence and expect your life to be very pleasant.

The very ultimate motivation of all human effort is to control one's psycanic experience, one¡¦s BE-FEEL in the Causal Sequence*. This is spirit of -ual experience; it is the experience of Self, and ultimately your experience of how much God you can BE. Spirit-ual is much more powerful and much more important than mental or physical experience, by a factor of about ten thousand to one.

*(The Causal Sequence of life is BE„³FEEL„³THINK„³ DO„³HAVE. Each element determines the next element. Learn to control your BEing and you control your life. Fail to learn to control your BEing and life will always be a struggle and full of dissatisfaction.)

You have three totally different systems or universes of Experience. You have physical experience of your body and through it, of the physical universe. You have your mental experience (all your thoughts, memories and imaginations. And finally, you have your psycanic or spirit-ual Experience, which includes all experience of self (self-image, self-esteem, identities, and your emotions. (Psycanics proves that your emotions are your love or anti-love for yourself.) All your psycanic Experience (emotions, mind, and self) you perceive directly in consciousness (of which you are formed): you as a spirit are Conscious Cause, Aware Will.

What you need to do in life is to learn to control your Experience. Your non-physical experience is internal, and NEVER caused by physical things or events. NEVER. Learn to leave the external illusion alone: trying to mess with it just wastes your time and keeps you out of control of your internal/ non-physical / psycanic Experience. Trying to mess with the illusion of external reality to control your emotions or your happiness is like trying to change the images on the movie screen by attacking the screen. The real source of control is back in the projection room, with the light and the film. To change the movie (your Experience) you need to go change the film, not the screen.

The basic problem of most people is that they do not understand the difference between these three kinds of Experience. As a result they live trying to control their psycanic experience (BE-FEEL) with their mind and/or with the physical universe (the External Quest in Psycanics). In other words, they are seeking happiness in the externals of their lives, where it does not exist and can never be found or produced. The External Quest for Happiness is completely, totally, impossible. Most people are on an Sisyphean* quest for happiness, looking for it where it doesn't exist, by means that can never work.

*Sisyphus in Greek mythology is a person who was punished by the gods by being sentenced to push a boulder up a mountain and park it there. However, as he got close to the top, the boulder would always slip and roll back down the mountain. Sisyphus could only go run down and begin again. This is the search for happiness when you live seeking happiness by controlling the physical aspects (success, wealth, power, relationships, etc.) of your life.

The brilliance of Psycanics here is that it sheds light on this tragedy of human existence by showing not only what Experience in general is, but what the highest Experience is, the BE-FEEL of one¡¦s own spirit-uality. Psycanics shows how you all your mental, emotional, and spirit-ual Experience work and returns to you control of all three of your universes. Above all, you ¡§recover¡¨ your Self as a spirit.

Psycanics: A Science of Spirit: www.psycanics.org

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