Most successful business plans start by visualizing the outcome, and using that visualization to work backwards through a plan of action. This same process can be used (sometimes called the Law of Attraction) to help you visualize a successful and productive and happy life for yourself.

Understand that happiness is important too. All the material success in the world is meaningless if you work yourself into a knot of misery and stress. One of the best ways to make sure your success doesn't kill you is to visualize the things that make you happy as well. Using visualization to bring yourself happiness is a gradual process. Be patient and don’t skip to the next step if you haven’t mastered the previous one.

The first step is to be honest with yourself, and figure out what makes you happy. Build your life around what makes you happy, because being happy is the most important part of being alive. Happiness comes from within. Genuine happiness is born from intrinsic goals, and it’s important that you know your goals before you begin. Then break it down into the following steps:

What – What are your goals? What about this goal makes you happy when contemplating it?

Who –Who can help you achieve your goals? What can you offer them for this help?

Where – Where does this goal, and your happiness, take place?

When – When do your goals happen? Are you going to put them off to do other things first?

Now that you've itemized what brings you happiness, it's time to put those elements together, and make them real. Visualization is good for planning, and essential for execution, but visualization by itself isn't enough without action. Make sure your goals for happiness are concrete, and focus on achieving them every morning when you wake up – review them, consider them, and run with them. Make an internal image of completing these goals, and memorize every detail of that image to help you achieve them.

After your morning review, choose three things to accomplish towards your goal at the start of the day, and make sure they get done first. Work towards your own happiness – nobody else will. Don’t let present limitations confine your imagination. Determine what you have to do to accomplish your goals and commit to doing them.

When you do this regularly, your brain will get used to what it’s hearing from you until it’s convinced that you’re virtually destined to make your dreams come true.

Mastering your visualization skills will take time, so be patient if it goes slowly at first. The ultimate payout is your happiness, and you deserve it.

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