I saw this on a similar site, Healthy Pages

And I thought it makes a lot of sense.

Almost every day in my work, I help people with physical manifestations of buried emotions and addictions to cope with buried emotions. So it now makes perfect sense to me that happiness levels stay the same. We are designed, or have evolved, to adapt to the conditions of our lives. And so we unconsciously find ways to adapt and keep our happiness levels the same.

The report does point out that long-term unemployment was an exception to the rule. In other words, people who are long-term unemployed are generally less happy than those in regular employment. I don't think this means that happiness depends on having a job. Of course, if you don't have enough money to eat and feed your family, that is a recipe for unhappiness for sure. However, anyone whose physical or mental health means they cannot work is usually unhappy too.

So basically, my conclusion is that if you have enough money coming in and are in reasonable mental and physical health, you can always find a way to be happy. And if you go further to release buried or forgotten emotions, you can also enjoy a healthy mind and body.

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