To evolve to a New Best Level™, try an Open Communications structure. You and I, the people we interact with, and all things stimulate unique motivational forces (a feeling) in our being. In some cases, the motivational forces are stronger. However, before motivation come five other steps

(1) The first is acceptance. Accept yourself and others to best serve humanity. Acceptance is the mind of all enablers. It must be acknowledged and received to go forward. Whether the deed is good or bad, you and I must first accept the condition in order to take spirit-enhancing action to generate spirit-enhancing results. When observing someone express their expertise, opinions, beliefs, and knowledge, first accept the person involved, place in time, and location. Make certain it is a safe place to be. Those who:

Accept the agenda
Accept the networking
Accept the speaker
Accept there is an option for products and/or services
Accept there are activities

will be equipped to do what is best. Go in with a positive mindset: "I'm motivated to make the most of this experience" or "I can raise my level of play." Consider simply trying to be one of the best. Be a part of the dynamics, absorb, and learn to identify, implement, or modify a stimulating enhancer or solidifier. Try this while viewing the agenda, networking, connecting with the speaker, considering options and activities to see you being taken to a New Best Level. Bring it to your daily life.

(2) Now, prepare to experience the second step: motivational forces. When you meet someone, attend an event, view art, read a book, or play a sport, many motivational forces are present. Some might be: It's good to see you; this is valuable; I like the setup; I'm knowledgeable, motivational, actionable, useful, beautiful, helpful, inspiring, uplifting; I have magnificent style and technique, an unyielding presence, a nice home, a cool car; I made an awesome play; my intuition is telling me something. These are all motivational forces to experience. To receive more, other steps are necessary.

(3) Be supportive/hospitable. In business, we decide, "Is this individual supportive/hospitable?" Be supportive/hospitable to grow a trustworthy relationship.

(4) Read or listen to independent research for a specific purpose. Most people remember what is seen and written but, if you're driving a car, an audio CD is more advantageous.

(5) Once your independent research is completed, a shared/known strategy is essential. Imagine being at work and a team colleague asks you to send an e-mail to the client with the project outline and schedule. Naturally, this sharing creates a common ground for the project team and client. However, if a team member or client does not comprehend the known strategy, then only the process of gathering and sending an e-mail is accomplished. I don't know of anyone who is paid to just send e-mails. However, if comprehension of the known strategy is shared and tweaked as necessary, it becomes more valuable. Albert Einstein said, "The only thing of real value is your intuition." I would like to add, "Each must make everyone and everything else valuable."

(6) Use feedback and imagination. Many organizations have a solid dividing line regarding feedback and imagination. If you work for one of these organization's, there is need for significant improvement. Observe professional athletes and coaches. They are encouraging before practice, during practice, and when fans are watching the game. These individuals are paid millions, yet they receive more feedback than most workers and are told to use their imagination. Allow and encourage others to give courteous feedback and use their imagination to generate more prospects, more customers, more referrals, and more business. Try closing the feedback/imagination loop every time. For example, you have been working diligently on a project and notice a package in your chair. You open it and find an award with a letter of congratulations stating you will receive $1,000 as a bonus in the next pay period. It would be a good idea to give feedback to the sender. It can be as simple as, "Thanks, [Name], for recognizing my work." This will stir their imagination. Feedback/imagination is essential for relationship growth.

(7) Knowledge is the foundation of communication. Knowledge might be discovered purely on your own, during a focus group, or from the teachings in a book. Keep in mind that acceptance, motivation, being supportive/hospitable, independent research, shared/known strategy, and feedback/imagination enable knowledge.

Acceptance and motivational forces enable Steps 3-7. Motivational forces occur daily and create a bond known as spirit. Being able to harness and take spirit-enhancing actions to generate spirit-enhancing results brings more motivation, more winning, and more growth. My dad said it best: "simplify", "simplify", "simplify", "simplify." An Open Communications structure can take your organization to a New Best Level™.

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Raj Gavurla works with organizations that want to be more profitable and productive by empowering their mindset, mood, and motivation. He is the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship. Be a fan and receive for free a chapter from Raj's book. Contact him at 404.918.7366, e-mail or visit Copyright 2003 LiiiVEN™. All rights reserved.