When the muscles in the stomach receives too much food and liquid passing through the esophagus, these muscles react to empty the intestinal tract to prevent a build up of food and liquid going back into the esophagus describes a process commonly referred to as INDIGESTION.

Usually eating fresh cooked foods, slowly chewing foods prior to swallowing, fasting for one, two or three days, avoiding eating late in the evening, minimizing food intake, belching, reducing the intake of beverages while eating, focusing on how you are breathing, chewing and swallowing relieve the indigestion.

A combination of factors lead to the causes of indigestion. Some of these factors include feelings of fullness after eating, discomfort in the chest, heaviness through the esophagus and the feeling that food is stuck in the throat.

Making changes in the way one eats and digests foods will help to remedy the discomfort experienced with indigestion.
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