I was injured very seriously and was told I would never walk again. I began painting and creating art at age five and sold my first work at age 14 for $400.00
I was injured at age 38 and had lost all hope while I lay in a hospital bed. I had never really succeeded with my art and music. I was given a copy of The Artist's way on tape and after listening over and over began the enlightened journey that is offered in " The Artist's Way".
I was also reading Tibetan meditation and Tibetan Mind healing.

I ended up recording music from my bed and started a Publishing Company in New York with ASCAP. I released my first album a year ago and am getting it out in to stores.
I also started doing my Art more seriously than ever and have just recently carved a stone statue for His Holiness the Dalai Lama for www.kalachakra2004.com . My art work is also now getting recognition.

My entire lifestyle was wrong. Until I started living right nothing was happening with my talent.
Now I am on the enlightened middle path and my dreams are becoming a reality.

A new courage runs through my life energy now and I have learned to walk again.

I can only thank the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and Tibetan Mind healing. My mind and body energy was not in the right place.

The newest album we will be releasing is called "Open Eye Universe" by the band of the same name. The first album is at www.cdbaby.com/dhart
None of this would have happened unless I was exposed to" The Artist's Way.

I must also admit my wife was not a crazy maker and has supported eveything I have tried to accomplish and my recovery. I cannot walk perfectly but I can walk and that's the main thing. What ever I set my mind to do I do now. I can only say , Thank you a million times. Each day is now a wonder to me.

If you could only have known the darkness that was my life up until this point you would not even know I was the same person. I too gave up drinking which was a great start.
Thank you Julia Cameron, you are a postive energy in this Universe.

David Hart of" Open Eye Universe"

Author's Bio: 

David Hart is a visual Artist/ Painter/ Stone scultor.Radio Television Broadcaster.Musician, composer, recording artistSocieties: ACTRA, SOCAN, ASCAP, AFM, CARFAC