Recently I was on the phone counseling one my meditation students who has been going through some challenging times. A mother of two, she is in the midst of a painfully ugly divorce and just took a new job that has her commuting nearly 2 hours a day each way.

I opened the conversation with “hey babe, how are you doing?”
She replied “I think my meditation is kicking in!”

“Did you say meditation or medication!?” I asked.

Meditation, of course!” She laughed.

I joked back to her that with everything she was dealing with it wouldn’t have surprised me if she was taking something to ‘ease the pain.’ Fortunately for her, she knows that the greatest ‘medication’ available for her mind is her meditations. That’s right. She knows the amazing power of meditation.

When people learn and practice good meditation techniques it is a fantastic therapy for the mind and body. It is infinitely more powerful than any drug money can buy and leads to the most wonderful ‘natural high’ imaginable. The beauty is that this ‘high’ costs nothing, requires no visit to the doctor or drug dealer (aka pharmacist) and has absolutely no negative side effects. The most common side effects people experience from their meditations are wonderful feelings of prolonged bliss, unexplainable bouts of joy, increased abundance, dramatic increases in inner peace and inexplicable amounts of love in their lives!

Most doctors won’t prescribe meditation to their patients suffering from minor forms of depression or fatigue – it isn’t really good for business. Instead we live in a country full of prescription drug addicts. We numb ourselves – over 100,000,000 prescriptions for anti-depressants are filled annually and tragically we also dope up our children – approximately 5,000,000 anti-depressant prescriptions are filled for children under 18 annually in the US! Yes, 5,000,000.

The sad truth is that most of the world is spiritually asleep. The mass of society is unconscious. We wake up, get dressed, go to work, pay the bills, watch TV, go to sleep and repeat the process. We resort to drugs and alcohol to hide from our reality. Now I am by no means trying to be righteous here by saying people should never ‘take the edge off’ with a glass or two of wine. But when tens of millions of people, including millions of children, are taking prescription drugs just to get through the day, to me that is the sign of a major problem. People are lost and confused.

The silver lining to this dark cloud is that the world is awakening. People are evolving and realizing that there is a heavenly existence waiting for them right here on Earth. They are getting connected to their own true nature…their true Self…and experiencing the bliss that lies within. And there is a simple tool we can all utilize to experience this bliss. That tool of course is meditation.

At some level, most people innately know they should meditate yet they come up with plenty of excuses for not doing it: I don’t know how. I don’t have the time. I cannot stop my mind so why bother. And my favorite, meditation is for weirdos in California. (Ok that’s what my sister in Chicago tells me).

The good news is that meditation has become fairly mainstream and we all have access to learning different meditation techniques. From guided meditation to energy meditation to Transcendental Meditation and more, there are many choices out there for the spiritual seeker. I personally practice and teach Shaktipat meditation which is a simple third eye technique in which you literally connect energetically with the very life force that created and sustains your existence (and everything in the universe for that matter).

Practicing Shaktipat meditation (or other powerful meditation techniques) is a wonderful (and in my opinion necessary) ingredient to living a happy, spiritually-connected, joyful life. My belief is that we all have a pure, enlightened soul and that by purifying our bodies (through clean eating and exercise) and our minds (through meditation) we allow the light and love of our souls to shine through. As a result we naturally live a life full of love and happiness, health and prosperity. Isn’t this the life you were born to live?

The truth is that you can have it all. You can experience wealth in all areas of your life. Physically you can have infinite energy and vibrant health. Mentally you can have a clear, unclouded mind. Financially you can be abundant and secure. Your life can be rich with amazing relationships and a fantastic family. And most importantly you can experience the nature of your true spirit. You can truly know who you are and why you were born. You can do the normal ‘stuff’ that we humans do (go to work, pay the bills, do the laundry, cook the meals) and simultaneously live in a state of utter bliss. You can know your Self.

So if you consistently meditate already, hopefully these words will encourage you to strengthen your devotion to your practice. If you are brand new to meditation, perhaps you will be inspired to begin meditating and begin to experience the bliss that is your true nature. Either way I leave you with this question. Has your meditation kicked in yet??

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Rich German is the founder and creative director of True Wealth Unlimited. For more information on meditation techniques and guided meditation classes available via tele-conference, please visit