The most important thing to keep in mind in regard to great sex, is that it does not occur as a result of one particular tip, technique or position. It's a compilation of the chemistry you share with your lover, the quality and depth of your relationship and the development of craft.

Now chemistry isn't something I can teach you. You either have it or you don't. Passion can't be kept alive if it was never there to begin with. You can't make lemonade out of limes. Chemistry is very important for passionate and exciting sex. If good sex is important to you and their isn't any chemistry with your partner, you will be banging your head against the wall to no avail. When choosing a partner this is an important issue to be aware of before making a long term commitment.

The quality and depth of your relationship and the refining of craft is something we can work on. Here's a few tips that will help you with both.


Passionate couples touch each other all the time. This tip will serve double duty because it enhances the quality of your relationship by building intimacy and as a means to build arousal and desire.

Touch should not always be about trying to get sex. It should be used to express affection and connect with your lover.

This can be as simple as touching your lovers hand when you talk, or putting your arm on their shoulder. As your driving down the road, place your hand on their leg. When you walk by them in the hallway, give them a little love pat on the buttocks. Rub their shoulders as they sit in front of their computer.

The more you touch each other the more connected you will be and the deeper your passion will build for one another.

Of course, once you're ready to get down to business, touch should be used then as well in a more aggressive manner.

Build Anticipation

It's especially important for men to remember that you can't just jump your woman's bones without first building desire and passion with anticipation. Make her feel special and sexy and work your way their slowly. Drive him absolutely wild by giving and withholding.

Tease, tantalize and seduce until your lover is aching for you. Hold out for the actual lovemaking event as long as possible. In the end you'll both benefit with more explosive sex.

Keep it Novel

Don't engage in the same old position, time, place, or technique night after night. There must be variety in all these areas. Things should be ever changing and evolving.

Get some sex furniture to explore new positions, surprise them in the middle of the night with some oral delights, pull your lover in the closet and learn some unusual Tantra techniques to keep things interesting.

Be Adventurous

One of the best tips for great sex is to be bold, daring and adventurous. Surprise your lover. Keep them guessing.

Have unexpected sex at the spur of the moment in out of the ordinary places. Have a wild make out session in your car or in the back of a theater. Make love outside.


Communicating in and out of the bedroom is always essential for many reasons. It deepens your intimacy, connects you more deeply with your lover and strengthens your relationship.

There simply can't be a good sexual relationship without it. Couple's must be able to share their sexual needs, desires and preferences on an ongoing basis.

These are only a few of the many ways that couple's can have the great sex life they desire. The most important key for maintaining passion, pleasure and excitement is to remain vigilant in your quest. Don't let complacency creep in. Always keep your sexual relationship a priority in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. is a sex and relationship coach helping couple's be better lovers and keep the passion alive. Visit her site for more free tips on having great sex.