We the Human Race seem to stumble from crises to crises; the worrying part is that each new crisis is a little more serious than the last. We now seem to be up against “The Mother of All Crises. This time even the very planet we inhabit is telling us to turn around, change our ways and stop and think. This time the very planet we live upon, is telling us that what we ask of it, it can no longer give us and even worse. Mother Earth is telling us that we are killing her. How on earth did we get here? What went wrong?

It is as though during the process of evolution we lost something, forgot something very important, or maybe we just turned our backs upon it. Whichever it was, taking one step back and look at the evolution of mankind, it is a strange and un nerving experience.

Whichever way you look at it, there can be no denying that of all life forms with whom we share our world, we have developed and evolved in a very unique and bizarre way. In just about every aspect of our advancement and evolvement be have behaved in, to quote Dr Spock “a very illogical way”.

Start where you like, pick a subject....... Ok here are a few for starters.
The most dangerous man on this planet.....Is making war, “in order to make the world a safer place” on terror. Sorry, run that past me again!
The greatest International soft drinks company produce a product that rots teeth and God knows what else........and they target kids in their advertising campaign.
The greatest International fast food enterprise produce food that has now been proven to be at best junk and at worst seriously harmful to health...and yes they again target children.

I am not anti American, they just happen to be out there in front in our current evolutionary direction. So what does all the above indicate? To me it indicates that we as a species have become hopelessly lost, that our sense of basic human values has been lost and that we have, as a species morally lost our way.

We regard ourselves as superior to all the other life forms with whom we share our world. Let’s see how dumb they are. Dogs and cats the animals that we are arguably closest too. `Blow cigarette smoke in the direction of a cat, or dog, runs away right? We the smart ones not only breath it in, we like it! Again dogs and cats. There are countless tales of these animals getting lost, or left behind, from a house move and finding their way, sometimes 1,000,s of miles to their owners. How do they do that?
Birds, we all know they migrate, again sometimes 1,000,s of miles, we do not even consider the implications “it’s in their genes” we say. What is in their genes, what is guiding them? Fish, put a Koi Carp in a small pond and they will not grow very much and probably not mate either, transfer those same fish to a bigger pond and they will both grow and mate. Why, again what is guiding them?

The list really is endless, Dolphins, Whales, etc.
Now could it just be that at some point within our evolutionary process we have lost something very important? That we have become disconnected to the very thread of existence and in losing that connection, we have in actual fact completely lost our way?

Star wars, a very successful movie series in which “The Force” was an attainable, but ill defined power of good. The Indian Fakirs able to overcome bodily limitations, even to the point of slowing their very heartbeat to a point close to, medically definable death. The magicians of folk lore, the sages and saints, so many indications that there is another level of being human, a level that we no longer know of.

Clearly there is something very strange about a species that devotes so much energy in devising bigger and better methods to cause the death of his fellow humans. A species that for personal financial gain will produce food, or drink that is actually harmful to his fellow species. A species that will put into those same products chemicals to either enhance the flavour, or prolong the life of the product, that is again provably harmful to human life. If this was not insane enough these same products are very often aimed at the children. Is it not our moral duty to protect our children?

Of course we are destroying the planet, why not? We have been working hard at destroying each other it seems; since we learnt how walk on two legs.

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Terrence Aubrey is the CEO of www.confidentialmatchmakers.com