When you look out of your eyes at everyone else and the world around you, you are only looking at your self - the variety and immensity of your self.

Relax and let go of this one that you think you are. Bring your focus of attention to the one that is looking through your very eyes right now. Be so attentive to this "aliveness" that is flowing through your veins that you do not spend another moment "buying into" and believing the constant prattle of your chattering mind again.

The one that you are will free you like nothing that you can come up with in your wildest imaginations. You are the heart of everything.

Unfortunately for you, your accustomed place of residence has you attempting to be something that was never true of you to begin with. That would result in much pain, suffering and frustration - naturally, what else could be the result of such a motion?

All the while you have a heart within you that is bursting to express itself through the individuation that you drive around in day by day. Your heart is waiting to be lit with the fire of your devotion to be who you are and to express itself to you and through you.

Marvellous is that which you are. Great is the one that you are. Let that express itself as the one that it is through the temple of the vehicle that you find yourself driving around in.

Let love flow through your individuation and out into the world at large - all the while you being at rest as this one that is looking through your eyes in this very moment.

You not doing anything or going anywhere while the dance of the heart dances itself through your vehicle. What a wonder. What a glory.

Here you are, the "outshining of a thousand suns" pulsating with every heartbeat that you have ever had, waiting ever so patiently to be recognised by itself through you in this moment right now.

Have you any idea how beautiful you are?

As you begin to realize just who you are is, you will never "buy into" "notyou" "notyou" quite the same ever again.

Being you is glorious.

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Elysha is a self-realized teacher of enlightenment, helping all who visit to find inner peace through meditation and spiritual practice. Visit him today at www.TrueNatureCentre.com for his free report “7 Steps To Living Your Freedom.”