Facts never stand in the way of a winner. The winner is the dreamer who understands how to turn their dreams into reality through thought, feelings, and actions.

In order to have a winning self-image one must understand that the power of choice is in their hands. Thought ultimately controls their results.

Let's look at the reasons in order to get an understanding of this concept.

1. Conscious mind: Has the ability to think, and choose how they feel about something they have been introduced to.

2. Sub-conscious mind: Can only accept what the conscious mind has told it too. This part of the mind operates in accordance with the laws of the universe. It has no ability to reject. Here lies your self-image, your habits or paradigms.

3. The Body: The body is the physical presentation of you. An instrument of the mind, this is the part of you, through your thoughts and feelings that is put into motion. This action or inaction determines your results.

To summarize, you become what you think about. The winner makes firm decisions. They see themselves as already having accomplished their goal. They know what they want and set about moving in that direction. The winner dreams big and achieves big, never worrying about circumstances or facts.

You see a lot of people are trying desperately to change their end results or circumstances. The reason a lot of them never get there is because they are not willing to change on the inside.

How big is your dream? Are you capable of obtaining that goal? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to obtain your goal? Decide that and you will become a winner.

1. Look at some of the ways we gather information.
A. Parents, teachers, relatives, media and friends.
2. Describe your goal and why you want it.
A. Is the goal worthy of you?
B. Does it scare you?
C. Can you become emotionally involved with it?
3. Think of five things you are going to change about you that will help you reach your goal.
A. What will you sacrifice to insure you reach your goal?
B. What habits can you change to insure success?
Appearance, bad health habits, watching the news, listening to negative talk are just a few things we can change.
4. Prioritize then sign it and date it and check them off one at a time as you accomplish each one.

Author's Bio: 

Barry is a life success coach. He is dedicated to empowering others to live a wealth, healthy and abundant life without limitations.
He is an entrepreneur, offering a business opportunity in the field of personal development.
He is a student of Bob Proctor's coaching and mentoring program and has studied many wealth building programs and has built a network of leaders.
Married with 2 teenagers, Barry has been lucky enough to be a stay at home
Dad. "I love raising my kids and being available to them in all their activities."