It is my belief that brain chemistry disorders come to be when a brain functions at different energetic frequencies than the so-called normal brain. The names assigned to each type of frequency—attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar, autism—are simply nomenclature. I contend that it is important to go past the labels and work toward healing by embracing the idea that the brain is a physical entity that can be healed in the same way any other part of the body can be healed. I know this is possible because I used my own body as a laboratory to discover the way to end my battle with several brain chemistry disorders that are considered by most to be incurable.

In the past, I endured thirty-six years of relentless, treatment-resistant rapid cycling bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. Occasionally, autistic behaviors would surface when I felt severely threatened. The bipolar disorder manifested when I was about thirteen years old. I was finally diagnosed about a decade later, in the early 1970s. This was the time when lithium and psychotropic drugs came far more fully into play. I was a willing guinea pig in those days. I was desperate to find relief from the turbulent violent mood swings that usurped my days. For seven years, I lived in and out of mental hospitals. I underwent several series of electroconvulsive therapy (shock treatments). Every variety and combination of mood elevator, MAO inhibitor, hypnotic, and mood stabilizer was administered by my psychiatrists. I only worsened with each chemical assist. I was often lost and unable to find my home, hallucinating and violently physically ill from lithium-induced toxic poisoning. I was prone to repeated suicide attempts, which were always conducted in an incoherent daze.

Despite an exhaustive search for the appropriate medications, all drugs consistently failed. So I did my absolute best to function in the world without them while I sought out every variety of alternative healing to help ease other aspects of my life that required assistance. Ultimately, the nightmare-like years finally culminated in my last mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual breakdown, which was of spectacular proportions. This event was a gift. It forced me to commit to do whatever was necessary to heal my mental illness.

I can tell you that since I have healed, the world is a new and remarkable place. I’m amazed at how simple life is without faulty brain chemistry determining my reactions and perceptions. Things are so easy now. I can work, play, laugh, sleep, and tend to the day-to-day without having to fight through every moment to stay present and calm. And mercifully, I now have the ability to choose thoughts that nurture and support me. I can finally change my mind.

Several Necessities for Healing Brain Chemistry

* Discern the way(s) the imbalance is serving you. (Example: What does it protect you from having to do or be?)
* Recognize and give up your attachment to keeping your illness. (Example: It may be so familiar that it’s like a home that you are afraid to leave.)
* Commit to complete healing and to living your life in a way you never have before.
* Ask whatever you consider a Higher Power to be to help you heal completely.
* Trust that healing is possible; never give up hope.
* Research alternative healing modalities; learn to trust that you can intuit those which are right for you.
* Be mindful that the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are interconnected; they must all be addressed and healed.

Suggestions for Healing Brain Chemistry

1.You can improve your condition through diet and nutrition because the brain is a physical entity. Foods have great impact on the brain. The brain manufactures neurotransmitters, which carry impulses between nerve cells and regulate our behavior. Nutrient concentrations affect them. They are controlled by what we eat. (Example: When ingested, sugar increases serotonin levels, which elevate the mood. This sugar-induced boost is usually followed by fatigue and depression.) It is advisable to avoid sugar, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs. If you can tolerate carbohydrates, stick with small amounts of the high-complex variety. Also avoid foods high in saturated fats.

2.Check for food allergies. Certain foods can produce inflammatory compounds that manifest as psychological disorders once they have traveled to the brain. The gluten in wheat and the casein in dairy are especially prominent in causing brain allergies.

3.Be sure that your Candida yeast is in balance. If you crave sugar, carbohydrates, and other yeast or fermented foods, chances are you have candidiasis, an overgrowth of yeast that releases large amounts of toxins into the body. This condition can wreak havoc with the brain, often manifesting as anxiety, fear, and/or depression.

4.Check for heavy metal poisonings. They often manifest symptoms that resemble those of brain chemistry imbalances. Homeopathic remedies can eradicate these debilitating intruders.

5.Hormones strongly affect brain chemistry. The more balanced the hormones, the better brain chemistries fare. Naturopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners, and homeopaths can be helpful with glands and hormone balance.

6.Rectify vitamin and mineral deficiencies with the guidance of an alternative medicine practitioner, if necessary.

7.There are homeopathies that cleanse and heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies thoroughly. If you are not a professional homeopath, I strongly suggest you find one to help you determine which remedies are appropriate for you. There are a number of remedies available for balancing brain chemistry such as Argentum nitricum for attention-deficit disorder and/or panic disorder; Tarentula hispana for attention-deficit disorder and/or mania; medorrhimum, Hepar sulphuris, phosphoros, and Cyclamen europaeum for depression; and Plumbum metallicum and Lycopodium clavatum for anxiety.

8.Vibrational sound healing is an extremely valuable tool for realigning brain chemistry. The principle of entrainment, which helps explain how sound heals, states that high-frequency energies from one source (particular vibrational sounds) will affect a lower-frequency source (the imbalanced energy in each atom, cell, gland, organ), bringing it into alignment with the vibration of the first higher-frequency source. This is possible because nature always seeks the path of least resistance. Sound healing can produce brain entrainment and heal the cells in brain structures, rectify faulty chemical responses, and realign the electrical circuitry of the brain.

9.Brain chemistry healings require enormous faith that a Higher Power can assist you and complete trust that you have an ability to intuit your Higher Wisdom, which can guide you to wellness.

For those of you wrestling with so-called incurable brain chemistry disorders, take heart. Know that I suffered severe unremitting mental illness for more than three decades, and I am completely healed today. My prayers for my own amelioration have been answered. I pray now that you, too, will find your path to the peace, relief, and freedom that complete healing brings.

Please note: If you are on medications, do not discontinue them. They can help you stay focused while you take control of your healing process. You and your doctor will know if and when alternative methods alone will suffice. If you do not have a doctor who is open to holistic modalities, find one who is.


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MJ Sawyer, a vibrational sound healer who facilitates multidimensional energies and guidance, is a pioneer and highly acclaimed expert in transmuting brain imbalances through the use of sound and energy infusions. MJ has healed herself of bipolar disorder as well as liver disease and the ramifications of abuse. Her private practice is based in New York City, where she continues to succeed in assisting individual clients as they conquer disease and find joy. For more information, visit MJ’s new book, Choosing Sanity: An Unprecedented Guide to Healing Brain Chemistry Disorders without Medications, will be available in 2008.