This is one of my communications from 2000. I asked advice about my own journey.
As you can see, angel answers are about spiritual growth and our own free will impacts greatly upon our journey. Like you, I wanted to know the short cut answers, but was directed back to prayer, and the advice about small steps, instead of “big leaps”.

July 2, 2000
(I would like to ask my next step for Reiki and working on people. I was asked and I could use some income also. Is this in accordance with the plan?) Things of earth are of earth, things of light, are of light. What appears to be a source of earthly concern is truly a desire for more light to express itself. When the situations warrant those in need, they will appear to find you, as your coincidences are God’s way of showing the path to us. It is our desire that you fulfill the need to help others and express desire by spreading light. It is considerable that you have honesty and are truthful in all .

. We give small steps to humanity, as larger leaps are not helpful at first. (What type of reiki, or what can I learn to be more equipped?) Better grounding, through breath Don not expend much worry in situations damaging to your heart’s center.
Turn toward your path more completely and those who will follow are worthy of your attention.
All forms of reiki are helpful, as they are light centered. (What else?) Balance healing, chakra balancing techniques.
(What about the writing) It is being shared. It is being read, it is helping us to contact and open more ready souls.
(What else can you tell me now about the path, or healing?) In God’s plan all souls have a part. All contain light and spread the light. Not all souls choose light. Light a moth that is drawn to a flame, some souls are drawn to darkness. The light is painful as it brings self-awareness, truth, and responsibility with it. The darkness is a death of the soul. The dark is the shadow of love, but isolation from God. Any soul wishing God’s light can receive the gift. The soul must truly make the choice, free will, the two edged sword, the easiest and the most difficult choice.
(Thank you for having others trust in me so that I can help others.) It is our plan that you do, it is God’s plan that you succeed in this. You see, all will is free will, as was your own. God is most pleased that you have accepted the path and allowed us to speak to you. Your honesty and love for others has helped us to reach you as you reached us. Love is the bridge, the invisible path, the open door, the healing rope that attached the earthly plane and the heavenly plane.
(Why didn’t you not give any messages to Vivian for me?) What you already can find is not found in others. You must trust the wisdom within, as your soul is independent. (Is the other woman supposed to be a help to me?)
As she receives along a different channel, you may find the information interesting albeit helpful in sort. You have much ability in this realm, as your desire and earnest continues, you will receive more gifts of the soul. You know that they are earned and lovingly given in the proper time. Blessings.

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Rosemary is an angel communicator, Reiki Master teacher, and author.