Healing your self-esteem and accepting your value in the world WILL transform your life. About 85% of the people on this planet suffer from some kind of low self esteem problem and because of those issues are struggling to achieve their desires. What you say is a reflection of how you “feel” inside. When you decide to consciously select a different word choice IT WILL have a positive effect on your inside and outside perception of yourself.

How do I know? Well, all my life I have experience self worth issues. When I began using my intuition to consciously choose what to say and how to think differently my life changed. Thanks to building my self-esteem, I trust myself, have a successful career that I love and get paid well for, and have relationships that support me.

Here are a few simple ways you can use to improve your self-esteem by choosing different words:
1. Stop Saying I’m Sorry
How many times a day to you utter the words, “I’m sorry?” Ask yourself what are you saying sorry for? Are the words “I’m sorry” an automatic statement that you find yourself saying? The formal definition of SORRY means feeling regret, sorrow and grief. Do you feel regret, sorrow or grief for being a couple of minutes late to a meeting? Using this phrase over and over again will lead to feelings of disempowerment.

Replace “I’m sorry” with “I apologize.” According to Merriam-Webster, APOLOGY “implies not admission of guilt or regret but a desire to make clear the grounds for some course, belief, or position.”

2. Turn “You are Right” into “You are Correct”
As you develop your self-esteem you will come to understand that we are all of value – each and every one of us. People with low self-esteem can use the words, “you are right” to judge themselves.

That someone being “correct” about a subject doesn’t mean that someone else is wrong. Consciously choosing to use “you are correct” instead of “you are right” is a form of validation and is empowering to the user. What you are doing is acknowledging that another person provided you with a correct fact or information, rather than feeling like someone as won and someone as lost.

3. Removing the Buts
When you use BUT in a sentence it negates the first intention of that sentence, for example: I love you BUT….

We often use BUT to deny what we are feeling. A good example of this is: “I’m sad that he lied to me BUT I can understand why.” How can we improve our self-worth when we are denying how we feel about a situation? The suggested replacement is the word AND. By removing the word BUT from the sentence allows you to ownership of how you feel and what you mean. “I’m sad that he lied to me AND I can understand why.” Do you feel the difference in how this statement feels by simply replacing the word BUT?

Now you have several tools to start building your self-esteem and you can begin to accept your true nature of power and value.

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Jennifer Urezzio, is an intuitive healer and founder of Blooming Grove and Know Soul’s Language. She believes the key to your happiness and success is already inside of you waiting for acceptance. Go to www.bloominggrove.net to get your F.R.E.E audio “Take Your Intuition and Move It Into Action To Achieve Your Dreams.”

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