I’ve been there.
I’ve started a healing practice and set my fees. I set them where I thought people could afford me without too much stress.

I had the training to do a great job helping my clients.
I had the experience I needed to feel confident.

But despite my extensive corporate business background, my heart got in the way when it came time to treat my private practice as a viable business. I felt the pain every time a client reached for their checkbook.

As natural born healers, at the front of our minds is the care of our clients. We love them. We want them to be well. We want them to have abundance. The last thing we want them to do is to feel stress from us. Even if it means that we are underpaid and overstressed ourselves.

So we keep our rates low.
We keep them lower than professionals with graduate degrees - even though we know our healing methods are often faster and ultimately cheaper for our clients. We keep them lower than other healers in the field - even though we know we are able to serve our clients just as well.
We don’t want to stress our clients. We love them!

And then the realization hits. I haven’t had a day off in 4 months! I’m not making ends meet and my daughter is heading off to college next year. I love my clients, but if I don’t change something right now, I’ll be going back into the corporate jungle and my clients will be left to the lions.

And I realize…This is not about me. This is about them!

This is about my clients who need me to feel and model abundance so that they have me around as a healer…so that they have me around as a role model that you can follow your heart, do the work you love AND be financially supported.

This is about my family that needs to be fed and supported in a lifestyle they deserve.

And this is about me valuing the work I do on the level of the medical profession; and charging comparable rates.

I am a healer.
I love what I do.

I may not have the same degrees or viewpoint, by I know that I help my clients just as well, if not better.

I know I am able to help my clients in ways that no one else can.

And I value that.
I love my clients.
I value my practice.

And I charge what I must to manifest abundance for me, my family and my world.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Nina Roe is a Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Healing Arts Practitioner, Author and Founder of www.AngelsTeach.com
and www.SpiritedChildren.com. Contact: 508-208-1702 or ninaroe@comcast.net