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There are two major described ways of dealing with the acquisition of data and for putting that data in some sort of order. These two modes have been described to me as splitting and lumping. Thus there are two major groups of individuals that concern themselves with the practice of western science today in our contemporary culture here in the USA - Splitters and Lumpers! Indeed, to be a really good scientist, one needs to a bit of both. The Splitters are mostly involved in linear thinking. The Lumpers are involved mostly in wholistic thinking. The vast majority of scientists, overwhelmingly male, are left-brain, linear thinking, knowledge accumulators. A small minority, some males but overwhelmingly female, are right-brain, wholistic thinking, understanding accumulators. Thus, to my way of thinking, if you put the knowledge together with the understanding, you obtain wisdom.

The "West" is culturally left-brain (LB) in orientation while the "East" is culturally right-brain (RB) in orientation. Westerners are all about facts while Easterners are all about concepts. How is it possible to have "good" science without either being involved in the process of gaining wisdom? Both facts and concepts are needed in order to progress, as far as I can determine.

The knowledge of science that the author has acquired in the successful conclusion of a BA, MA, MAOM and PhD is continuously merged with the understanding acquired through intensive meditational practice starting from the age of 4 years. The author has striven to balance the LB linear with the RB wholistic learning behaviors. I understand the vagueness associated with RB expression and I know the crispness associated with LB exposition. Hopefully the author is able to weave the two together in this work and offer a meaningful and educational result.

In my search for knowledge and understanding about: (1) what constitutes healthy living, (2) what constitutes disease, (3) what constitutes healing; I have come to some conclusions. This work is an attempt to elaborate those conclusions. I will attempt to show the trees (facts) within the forest (concept). My overall concept is that the human primate organism (HPO) is a self-replicating organic machine superbly equipped to live in the Biosphere of this planet Earth. I will not discuss how this came about in great detail but I will concern this discussion mostly with the paradigms of health and healing.

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The articles have been written by the present author and are an expression of the knowledge and understanding to date acquired concerning the subject

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Born 02 March 1943, BA Zoology, MA Biology, MAOM Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, PhD Behavioral Biology