At the core of all feng shui lies the subtle beauty of nature; all of its essence exudes a level of harmony and balance unparalleled. The age-old principles of feng shui are based on these laws and acknowledge the ever-changing interaction and connection between human beings and their environment. This powerful connection is the key to experiencing good health and prosperous living.

A comprehensive feng shui analysis can ascertain how healthy a space is for its occupants. A close evaluation of the land topography including the integrity of its soil, surrounding man-made electromagnetics, escalated earth frequencies caused by leys, underground water streams and specific types of grids, are essential measurements during a feng shui health analysis. Assessing the architecture and design materials can determine the energy flow pattern and synthetic out gassing that occurs within a structure. The fine-tuning of color, sounds, scents and nature’s elements are the defining details that impact our emotions. Our senses process these subtleties within our space and synthesize it in the hypothalamus and limbic system of our brain.

Directionology is another powerful indicator within our structures that correspond to body systems and the human life journey. Evaluating the directional points of the home for any infractions can pinpoint life challenges or health issues. For example, architecture in disrepair in the North sector of the home can show up as challenges in our career or potential urinary or bladder problems.

Our environment is a direct reflection of who we are. It represents a snapshot of our inner self or “landscape.” If we are not in total alignment to begin with, we will resonate to an environment that is unbalanced keeping us in this perpetual state. If we shift our level of consciousness to include more of our subconscious intuitive mind, our innate intelligence takes over and we chose healthier spaces. We begin to work with nature’s essence in our building and design materials. We look to incorporate sacred geometric shapes found in nature like the nautilus shell, spiral designs or plants that follow the Golden Mean Ratio and the Union of Opposites explained in the famous Fibinocci sequence. These natural laws imbue our space with divine harmony creating a vital new energy. As a result, this energy begins to permeate every aspect of our life. We begin to thrive, prosper and achieve our desires in life. This in turn leads to the basic human need of acquiring true health and happiness.

Once you begin the process of aligning your outer landscape through the laws of feng shui, you will naturally increase the vibrational level of the structure externally and internally. In turn, your personal vibrational level will heighten. You will naturally be drawn to healthier eating habits, physical habits and spiritual habits. The cultivation of your inner qi will begin to flow freely and abundantly. A union or “yoking” of the mind, body and spirit will occur. This is the natural segue to finding true happiness, health and abundance.

The simple fact remains when we work with nature in our building designs and internal décor, we are working with the natural flow of all things. Engaging in this type of design practice allows us to connect to our space as “one.” This is a powerful concept pertaining to the first Taoist principle: There is not “just us,” or ‘just nature,” but both. Understanding this Universal philosophy should change the way we look at our space and how we interact with it. Pay attention to your environment as you would care for your own body and you will acquire a state of total well-being.

© By Mary Jane Kasliner 2008.

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Mary Jane Kasliner, a former health care provider, has trained at elite feng shui schools world-wide. Her studies include Geomancy, Classical Feng Shui, Western Astrology, Eastern Astrology, Dowsing, Earth Alignment, Space Clearing, Qigong and Yoga. She is the founder and director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui and president of 5 Element Designs Feng Shui consulting firm located in Ocean, New Jersey.

Mary Jane has received word-wide media coverage by the Associated Press for her work and is the feng shui expert for Lasting Lifestyles cable television talk show. She is the author of The Feng Shui Connection To a Healthy Life “a comprehensive analysis of how the external and internal environment can impact your health.”
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