Newspapers are full of bitter endings; everyday more and more relationships are ending. With divorce rates at 50% of all marriages, it is never too late to build the right foundation. Many young couples get caught up in the bridezilla model seen on tv. They spend their time and energy focusing on the biggest best wedding of the year, and forget the most important steps for building a foundation for love.

5 Secrets to ignite love and passion, and heat up your bedroom!

* Air your dirty laundry before it stinks. The latest statistics show that couples who learn constructive arguing have half the divorce rate of those without the training.

* Build love habits to build a firm foundation. Couples enter a relationship with patterns of response that push love and happiness away. These old toxic relationship patterns create bitter emotions like anger, resentment, and depression, and are habits that are hard to break. Toxic patterns of relating end 50% of all marriages in divorce.

* Create a vision to act as a road map to keep you focused on love. Co-create a vision statement for your relationship. A study at the University of Michigan concluded that the communication of loving attitudes-is by far the strongest predictor of marital quality and longevity.

* Take your power back from the losing game of right and wrong. Right and wrong creates shame and blame and causes you to shut your heart to love. Make your commitment to love and release the need to be right.

* Learn to express love to the person you love. Invest in a happy future by investing time learning communication and relationship skills. Couples Retreats are a good way to learn these skills and will provide lasting rewards of love, passion, and romance. Taking time away from your normal environment, and lifestyle, allows you to focus on yourself and your mate. A peaceful loving environment provides a safe place to heal wounds and reconnect to love.

Most young couples' typical journey is to create a memorable wedding and forget they are about to embark on the most important journey of their life. A relationship can be a safe harbor and a place of refuge if your focus and commitment is always on love. Check out our website for a listing of our group retreats or book a customized couple’s retreat here
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