Let me explain why healthy weight loss is the best weight loss. Healthy weight loss is safe, natural, and permanent weight loss. Meaning you lose weight the way your body is designed to lose it: Slowly and naturally by creating a small daily calorie deficit. No pills, no fad diets, no colon cleansing, no hormones, no magic herbs. You will discover going about losing weight the right way, really is the best way to lose weight. It is the best way- because it works! I don't care what the giant weight loss industry says in their advertising, not ONE thing they sell has been proven to work when it comes to PERMANENT weight loss.

This is the most ironic thing of all! All the weight loss shortcuts we spend billions on, aren't shortcuts at all. They're not even long-cuts. They either don't work at all- or they don't work permanently. Think of losing weight like traveling from New York to Los Angeles. There are many different ways to travel. There are slow ways and fast ways. Some ways are harder than others. Some are safe and some are dangerous. You can get there in one day, or drag it out so long you never get there. How you get there [and how fast] is a choice. Getting there the fast way, the slow way, or giving up is your choice. The entire journey is something you have complete control over.

What's the best way to be in command of the entire trip- and get to where you want to
go the fastest way possible? Eat right and get some exercise. A healthy lifestyle doesn't
make life more complicated, it makes it easier. Healthy and natural weight loss will
come from creating a small daily calorie deficit. Since nothing else will work- you might as well go about weight loss the best way possible- the way it really works!

Weight loss is all mathematical. One pound of fat stores around 3500 calories. Calories
are units of energy. If you're inactive, it takes a long time to use up calories because
little energy is being expended. The more active you are, the more energy used. Your
body can't create calories out of fat air. Calories only come in as food and drink. Less energy coming in, combined with more energy going out as activity, creates weight
loss. All math, all cause and effect.

How you create this calorie deficit doesn't matter [as long as you create it in a safe and
healthy fashion]. To begin, take an honest look at what you eat and how active you are.
You can't fix a problem you refuse to see. If you eat a few dozen donuts a day and drink
several liters of soda- that's not a healthy diet. You can't lose weight on that diet- it
would be nearly impossible.

Do you see the “secret” to the best way to lose weight?

It's picking up as many healthy and natural weight loss habits as possible.

Meaning, the best way to lose weight is nothing more than a habit thing.

You have to change the HABITS that are causing you to gain weight- over to NEW
HEALTHY HABITS that cause you to lose weight. As simple as it sounds, this is where
everyone fails. The know they need to “eat right and get some exercise” they just don't
do that. Why? That's a very tricky and individual questions. I think the main reason is
that unhealthy habits [a poor diet and being inactive] just feel easier. However, if
you don't have any interest in giving up junk food or going for a walk instead of sitting on the sofa- you're wasting your time. Healthy weight loss can't happen without change. You have to stop doing what's unhealthy- and start doing what is healthy. You have to take action and find the best way to lose weight that works for your lifestyle.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Get honest about what works. Look where you need to change habits.

Step 2: Clean up your diet. This is a no brainer. Natural foods are healthy. Processed
junk foods are not.

Step 3: Get active. What have doctors been telling us oh, forever? Eat right and get
some exercise.

Step 4: Take action. Get started on those new healthy weight loss habits. Nothing can
change until you make it change.

If you follow these four steps until they become your new habits, you will be able to
choose your weight right down to the pound.

Healthy weight loss is like learning how to ride a bike, it's a little awkward at first because you don't know how to do it quite right, but once you learn how, it's easy. I failed at permanent weight loss for 30 years. Then one day, I became determined to change my habits over to healthy ones. After I did that, the weight came off automatically. All I really did was find the best weight loss habits for me.

So if I can do it, you can too. The important thing is to take an honest look at the habits
that are causing weight gain, and one at a time [or all at once] address them- and don't
give up until those new healthy weight loss habits are part of your new life.

In all honesty, the weight loss was the easy part. The habit changing was the hard part.
If you can easily change habits, you're all set. If like me, changing 10, 20, or 30 years of less than ideal habits is going to be a challenge, read my e-manual: New Body New
Life. It's not a diet or workout book. It's a guidebook that teaches you what healthy
habits are- and here's the important part: It teaches you how to change the HABITS that are causing you to gain weight- over to NEW HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS HABITS that
cause you to lose it.

Yes, I am slightly biased about it since I wrote it, but remember: It teaches you the best way to lose weight: How to change your daily habits. Plus it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose by taking a look and seeing if it can help you change your lifestyle habits over to new ones that will help you lose weight the best way there is; safely and naturally. Learn more at www.mynewbodynewlife.com

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Mike teaches that ANYONE [regardless of their age or how much weight they have to lose] can learn how to safely and naturally lose weight and keep it off forever. And in the process- discover how to lead a life of purpose, meaning, and integerity. Read more here about natural weight loss.