It had nothing to do with not wanting their help. Rather it had everything to do with learned behavior, of avoiding inconvenience to others whenever possible. “I’ll be fine,” I had assured my friends.

And then, suddenly, there she was in my cubicle. I blinked. “I’ve come to stay with you,” Mary said. “No one should go through a procedure like this by themselves.” Oh my goodness, I thought to myself. It’s only a biopsy. I’m a strong person. She’s the chief nurse, for heaven’s sake. She has plenty of other things to do today. And almost as quickly I was surprised to realize how very glad I was to have her there!

An outpatient-surgery nurse took my vital signs, inserted an IV into my right arm, and I was on my way to Medical Imaging. Mary stayed right beside me. It is so different being on the receiving end, I mused as the interventional radiologist approached, needle in hand, and introduced himself. I took a deep breath and reminded myself I can get through this, it’s a choice.

Standing by my gurney Mary crossed herself, good Catholic that she is, and asked, “Would you like me to hold your hand?” I started to say, Naw, I’m a big girl, but hesitated. And in my moment of indecision, she simply reached out and enclosed my left hand in both of hers. In that instant everything changed. Yes, I was still aware of the needle being thrust into my neck and the professional bustle around me, but my consciousness was now focused on the feel of my hand in hers. A sense of comfort, safety, and calm connectedness washed over me. Because of Mary’s simple act of caring, my thyroid-biopsy experience was completely altered.

Back in recovery, I pondered on the event. If the nurses are even half as caring and competent as their Chief Nurse, no wonder the hospital receives such outstanding patient-satisfaction scores. I recalled the sense of calm connectedness when Mary held my hand. Consequently I was delighted to pick up a copy of Dr. Paul Pearsall’s book entitled The Heart’s Code. In it I read that human beings affect each other at the most basic electromagnetic level through touch. When she held my hand, electrical energy from Mary’s heart was transmitted to my brain. Studies have shown that when caring people hold hands their heart rate and brain waves synchronize with each other. But let me back up a minute.

Electromagnetic waves or EM spectrum as they are sometimes called is a label for radiation energy, which consists of discrete packets of energy called photons. The rays of electromagnetic radiation, which can have different frequencies, travel and spread out as they go. Em spectrum waves can be described by their wavelength, energy, and frequency. All three are related to each other mathematically (e.g., energy of an X-ray, or the wavelength of a microwave, or the frequency of a radio wave). The Em spectrum includes, from longest wavelength to shortest: radio waves, microwaves, infrared, optical, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma-rays. In fact color is basically electromagnetic energy that is received by the body in the form of vibrations. In the 1990s, Dr. Oscar Brunler found that when healthy, every organ in the body has a specific, measurable, vibrating wavelength frequency. And interestingly enough, the person’s electromagnetic-energy field sparks with brilliant red when he/she is aroused to anger or passion.

Neurons in both the brain and heart emit electromagnetic waves, but of the two, the heart is the most powerful source in the human body. Its electromagnetic generator emits waves that are 5000 times stronger than that of brain neurons and creates a field that extends out from the body perhaps as far as 15 feet. In fact, the field is so powerful that given the proper equipment, a reading can be taken from as far as three feet away from the body—without any portion of the equipment touching the body. The field is holographic, as well, meaning that it can be read from any point on the body and from any point within the field.
Electromagnetic energy travels through space at the speed of light. Where does it go? Where does it end up? Who knows? But some scientists believe that energy is never destroyed, so your Em energy goes somewhere and impacts someone or something, maybe on the other side of the world! Not surprisingly, the electromagnetic radio spectrum of your heart is profoundly affected by your emotional response to the world. In other words, your emotions and feelings affect the information contained in your heart’s electromagnetic signal and can alter your heart’s electromagnetic spectrum. When your heart rhythms are more ordered or coherent, the electromagnetic field produced becomes more coherent as well.

According to Karl Pribrum, former researcher/professor at Stanford University in California, the electromagnetic field of a person’s body becomes more coherent as the individual shifts into a sincerely caring state. Mary’s Em energy must have been exceeding coherent because she was exceedingly caring—and I was the fortunate beneficiary!

Here’s the good news and the bad news. The good news is that neurons function as both receivers and transmitters—sending and receiving. The energetic information contained in your heart’s electromagnetic field can be detected not only by your own brain and body, but also by the brains and bodies of people around you. And your brain and body are impacted by the Em energy that others are transmitting. Of course the bad news is the negative impact that can result when the Em energy that is being transmitted is negative.

On my own time, I have become very selective about the type of Em energy to which I expose my brain and body. I choose to hang out with people whose brain and heart neurons are radiating positive electromagnetic energy. No wonder I feel more energized after we spend time together. We exchange positive Em energy. Such a deal!

My goal for this year and for all those that follow is to consistently transmit positive electromagnetic energy into the environment. And if electromagnetic energy is never destroyed, that positive Em energy may be journeying throughout space forever! I like that thought…

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