Intimate Relationship issues are rife in our society, millions of people are challenged and stressed out when this fundamental part of their lives isn’t working. Many people get into intimacy with a partner to share the love that they all so desire, only to find that the relationship sadly gives them more pain than pleasure. Most suffer in silence, endeavouring to carry on as normal. ‘Pull yourself together’ and ‘put on a brave face’ is often the only advice they get, whilst inside they are falling apart. Challenges can include anything from ‘a row with my boyfriend last night’ to ‘I’ve found out my partner has been unfaithful’ or some may even be in verbally or physically abusive situations with seemingly nowhere to go for help. The breadth of problems that people are facing daily is enormous…

So where do people go for help? Doctors surgeries are overwhelmed and with an average of only 10 minutes consultation time, and with little or no expertise in this area, a prescription is often the only thing on offer. The church is another port of call for many seeking help and of course loving advice is given but the clergy have had no training on ‘intimacy’. Some people go to ‘Relate’ and counselling can help, but it is rarely solution focused and often there are long waiting lists. So where can people go for help today?

There are two amazing individuals, Tony & Nicki Vee, who are fast becoming well known through the media and press as pioneers in helping people learn and understand more about Intimate Relationships and how to overcome the challenges. Tony & Nicki wanted to help more people find the love that eludes so many, so they decided to launch a campaign to ‘Help Save A Million Relationships’. They wanted to bring valuable information, education and solutions to singles and couples of all ages, whether these people could afford it or not.

With no idea as to how to make this happen they set out to find a way! Within a month of launching the campaign they have been featured all over the UK on radio and in numerous magazines sharing their philosophy and giving away their extensive ‘Relationship Pack’ valued at over £250. This pack includes their books, 10 hours of recordings for MP3’s and their 4 hour DVD set. Tony & Nicki share, in this pack, and in their unique style, their philosophy and solutions to relationship challenges which are not taught anywhere else.

Tony & Nicki are looking for help to get this message out; the message that you don’t have to experience pain in intimate relationships any more. All you have to do is to get educated and then you will know how to attract and create the love you desire.

The help they seek is for more people to be aware that this valuable information is available to them and that they can receive it free of charge. When each person receives their pack Tony & Nicki ask them to do just 3 things. Firstly they urge them to use it themselves! secondly they encourage people to share it with anyone that needs ‘relationship’ help and thirdly they ask for a completely voluntary donation so that more people can be helped by this campaign.

So there you have it, order it yourself, or pass this message onto people you think do need help - It's Making A Massive Difference...

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Tony & Nicki Found The Magic And Are Living Their Dream
They Are Living Proof Of What Is Truly Possible….

Tony and Nicki have helped thousands of singles and couples to find and live the magic of what’s truly possible in life. Marriages that had lost their sparkle have had their flame reignited as couples understood why they became so disconnected.

Many singles have not only found the right person to be with, they have learnt what it takes to consistently feel and share their love together. Tony & Nicki believe that this is possible for everyone who is prepared to look in the right direction and take action.