Recovery is a term used in reference to illness and injury. In like manner, recovery can refer to a process of returning to health from a mental disorder or substance dependence. A recovery model is often used for addiction recovery, and stresses principles of hope, supportive relationships, safety, empowerment, social recognition, coping abilities and finding deeper meaning in life. This methodology was originated in 12 step drug programs, though now the same principles can be found in a variety of mental health systems.

Recovery from alcoholism first requires that a person acknowledge that he or she has a problem and that professional assistance is needed. A person may deceive him or herself into believing that they can conquer the addiction with their own will power. While this might be possible, the majority of cases do not see such easy results. Recovery from addictions usually requires detoxification of the body as well as regular therapy. The benefit of therapy is to reeducate the addictive personality on how to cope with stress, rather than relying on substances to bring about a safe and tranquil feeling.

Besides alcohol, there are also programs for recovery from cocaine, recovery from heroin and recovery from prescription drugs. You may only think of recovery in terms of substances, however the facts show that any product can cause a dependency in an addictive personality. This is why there are programs set up for recovery from gambling, sex, overeating and many other behaviors that take the place of true coping mechanisms. You may have even heard of a recovery from relationship or a recovery from love program. Indeed, any positive entity can be abused.

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