There are ten simple things that each of us can “do” on a daily basis to experience peace in our lives, our relationships and the world.

#10 PLAY

As adults, many of us have lost the capacity to play. Think of ways to play: dancing, playing games, building a sandcastle, having a ticklefest, etc. and then incorporate “Play” into your schedule.


Being accountable is about walking the walk and not just talking the talk. The most important way to be accountable is to recruit the support of a loved one or a friend. Tell him/her your goal to be peaceful in all of your relationships and ask them to lovingly remind you when you “show up” as something else.

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To judge something or someone is to deem the circumstance or person as right or wrong, good or bad.

Take the judgment out of our statements and instead of saying; “It’s a terrible day (Judgment) because it’s raining outside (FACT)” state the facts without imposing your belief: “It’s raining outside.”
To be without judgment is to deem every experience, situation or circumstance as; “It is what it is”.


Many of us use our words against ourselves. In Messages from Water, Dr. Emoto, shows us photographs of water crystals that have been exposed to words. Water crystals that were exposed to words like Love, Compassion and Peace are beautiful hexagonal crystals with exquisite shape and structure. Water that was exposed to words like War, You Fool, and Dirty have crystals that are not clearly defined, and broken or contorted. Our bodies our 70% water!

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It is a law of the Universe that what you give comes back to you.

While it is important to give money and time, I have found that one of the most important things to give to someone is an acknowledgement of how special they are.
I send “Thank You” cards to everyone and I am amazed at how many people tell me that I was the first person that ever acknowledged them. Have you acknowledged that coworker that always goes the extra distance? Or what about the friend who has stood by you during all your up’s and down’s?


We’ve heard the saying that a smile is contagious and yet most of us don’t smile. We walk around with scours on our faces. Start smiling at everyone. Smile when you talk on the phone. Smile when you see your spouse at the end of a long day.

#4 Seek to Understand:

Some people call it “putting yourself in another’s shoes” or “empathizing” with someone. But basically it’s all about trying to understand someone else’s side. What if you knew that the hostile teller was going through a painful divorce or that the rude coworker lost a child?

If we can understand what someone is going through then we can respond to them more appropriately.


I read a statistic that most violent acts were committed because the perpetrator had not felt “heard” and therefore felt like they had to resort to extreme, drastic measures.

When was the last time you actively listened to your coworker, neighbor, spouse, child or parent by being fully present in the conversation?


The whole idea behind meditation is to quiet your mind. There are many different practices and there are hundreds of resources available.

Yet some people take walks in nature, and that is meditation to them. Some spend some time alone in silence. Others concentrate on their breathing.

Whatever it is that you can “do” to get out of your mind and to connect with that inner energy is meditation.


This is all based on the study of quantum physics that tells us that the outer world is an outpicturing of our inner world. When we pray, we affirm the Ultimate truth and that becomes our reality. “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22.

If each and every one of us were to “practice” these ten simple things in our daily lives we would experience inner peace, peaceful relationships and a peaceful earth.

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