Higher human energies can be sensed in many ways. The advent of Kirlian photography scientifically proved the existence of the energy of the human aura, many decades ago. Another name for this aura is the electro magnetic energy field surrounding the physical body.

Many psychics can see this swirling, multi-colored energetic emanation quite clearly, and you can too, if you practise sensing it with your inner sight.

New cutting edge scientific instruments can decipher and even measure fluctuations in this auric field, as exhaustive and ongoing research in the field of electrophysics and psychobiology escalates. This personal resonance bio-energy field research is commonly known as auric field research. As modern science constantly reveals more about us human beings in our physical, emotional and energetic make-up, our self understanding expands.

So how can we use knowledge of our all-revealing energy emanation to our advantage? Here we will discuss just a few benefits of these scientific discoveries to take our experience of life to the next level of creative power. Let us set the context of this dance of energies. Bear in mind that we are approaching cosmic human identity from the aspect of energy.

The Prime energy field of the cosmos is Creative Love, the Essence and Origin of everything, God or Source Energy. Humans innately share in this creative love Essence. We expand our consciousness of It to the degree that we, with self-aware will, love in action, continually transmute the illusion that we are other than It; other than creative Love Essence. From this point of realization, we can continue to mould universal life force energy into higher vibrational forms. One of our most powerful catalysts for this process of creative transmutation is our imagination: what you can imagine, you can achieve.

It is our ultimate destiny so to realize and love ourselves as the expression of prime Essence that we transcend our earth-bound humanness. Advancing along the spectrum of Love, we are evolving into, one might say, a higher-than-human cosmic expression of Essence. This process is called our existential imperative to return to Source, to become ever greater and more expanded versions of who we can be. Everyone experiences this innate desire to be more, either consciously or unconsciously. Test it: do you want to be more than you are at present?

It is, therefore, one of the prime purposes of human life on this planet to transmute our lower resonance energies into higher vibrations; to convert lower density energy into higher, more refined energy resonance. Put another way, it is the challenge for every human to resolutely evolve into purer living expressions of what we can be, through expanding love consciousness with creative intent.

This concept in no way contradicts the religious teachings of the world’s spiritual Masters, it simply dresses their teachings in new apparel. Exploring such new concepts is one way to broaden one’s mind and expand one’s awareness. Unless we open up to new ways of thinking, we will simply stay entrenched in the old limiting thought patterns that no longer serve our higher and accelerating desire to become more than we are.

The study of human energy systems is just beginning in earnest. We have quite a ride in front of us!

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Marie C. Barrett , author, teacher and life coach, is working for the transformation of consciousness on the planet. An expanded consciousness is forming and higher energies call to every heart. For more information go to holisticwealthcreation.com and see Marie's blog at holisticwealthcreation.com/blog.