While I might concede that the spoils of life don't always go to the most deserving. I hold true to the belief that without a doubt the "spoils" are always more enjoyed when one has lived a life with integrity and not sold out on the things they value most.

I have known men and women who have gone from the top, to the bottom, and back to the top again, and a common thread among most all of them is that they always held tight to their integrity.

I would advise that you always make the effort to remain the person who never looks down on another, no matter what place in life you may currently find yourself. If you are in an enviable place, be thankful, but don't live in a way as though you are above anyone else.

Life rewards those who remain humble no matter what success they may acquire. At the same time, often the person that brags or begins to believe they are above another tends to find themselves caught in a bit of "success quicksand" for lack of a better term. Be sure you never become that person struggling to get unstuck.

Yours in success,
Josh Hinds

(c) 2005

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