I have been asked how I am able to intuit accurate, specific information, consistently. Please know that I have worked for years to hone my intuition. It takes determination, time,and practice, to acquire any new set of skills, including intuitive ones, to make them second nature.

Decide what you want to do with your intuition. Determine how sharpening these skills will be beneficial?
Where will they serve best? Establish a clearly defined purpose and set some personal goals.

As a therapist, my purpose is clear. As a woman, and mother, my intuition is the guiding light, which has brought me through many difficult times.

Follow and follow up, on your first feelings, thoughts, and images. You may choose to take time to act on these impressions depending on the context. If you sense danger, act immediately! Honor rather than dismiss your intuition. It is an invaluable resource.

When I channel information I speak these first impressions out loud as they enter my consciousness.

Sometime I will process my associations out loud as well. Here are recent examples. I hope by sharing these experiences you will come to trust your own knowing without knowing why.

A woman comes and asks me to channel information about her mother's health. I hold her hands, close my eyes, and silently ask for information. My intention is to receive information that will be useful and relevant. I do not make forecasts. I imagine I am scanning her body starting from the top of her head, and working down to her feet. As I visualize, I find myself stopping at her abdomen. I hear thoughts as if someone were speaking to me, only I hear my own voice. This is a voice I have come to identify as my intuitive voice. (There are specific techniques to teach you how to differentiate the voices you hear in your head.)

It says " Your mother has difficulty with her digestive system. Your mother has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She is often bed ridden and her activities are very limited now, because she is in such pain" ...I open my eyes and ask if the information I have received is accurate. She nods and confirms that the information is spot on. We speak more specifically, and I make recommendations to help her mother feel more comfortable.

A woman asks about her friend. She also asks about his health. I close my eyes and see an image of my father. My father died seventeen years ago of a brain tumor. I hold this image of my father to the side as I hear, "This man has some disorder going on in his head. It is not psychological or emotional, it is physiological. There is something wrong in his brain." I share my vision of my father, who sadly died of a brain tumor, and tell her, that I feel her friend has a serious illness. I do not know whether he actually has a brain tumor, but his illness is in his brain, he will need her support in helping him find proper medical treatment. I open my eyes...The woman shares that her friend indeed has brain lesions, and she is trying to help him in whatever way she can.

If you have a funny feeling, or an idea pops into your head, perhaps someone reminds you of another person, keep these experiences fresh in your mind. There are good reasons why you are having these associations. Place yourself on " look, and listen" mode readying yourself to take action. I hope you will share some of your out of the ordinary experiences with me, and feel free to email me directly if you have questions.


Author's Bio: 

Stephanie Rachel Alt holds a Masters degree in Counseling from Bank Street College of Education, New York, NY. She is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) and hypnosis.

While on the east coast, Stephanie worked for fifteen years as a therapist in private practice and a consultant in medical and educational facilities. In 1986 Stephanie moved to central California to collaborate with the co-founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the publication of a casebook titled, Leaves Before the Wind (Metamorphosis Press). She is a contributing author presenting five unique cases using N.L.P. applications. Stephanie worked as facilitator of N.L.P. training seminars with John Grinder, and Judith Delozier and in 1987 she started her ongoing private practice in Conscious Communication, Intuitive & N.L.P. Coaching.

Stephanie works with individuals, couples, families, and groups. She currently resides in Salinas, Ca. with her two school aged children.