Vibrational Therapy or Medicine is based on sound scientific principles of Physics recognising that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration a balance of matter can be restored. Or in the case of human disease healing can take place.

Resonance works on the ...Vibrational Therapy or Medicine is based on sound scientific principles of Physics recognising that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration a balance of matter can be restored. Or in the case of human disease healing can take place.

Resonance works on the principle that like attracts like. When the C string of a harp or piano is struck, all the other octave strings of C begin to vibrate. The same principal can also be applied to the human body; when our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “being” resonates to higher frequencies of vibration healing begins. What are these higher frequencies?

Music, nature and animals all fall into the category of “finer vibrations” capable of healing the human Spirit.

Generally most people are aware of the healing powers of Dolphins and Whales; aware that just being around these magnificent animals somehow affects our wellbeing, and how we feel a sense of connection when we are around them. We also found that we get a similar response from people when they are with our horses.

Like the whales and dolphins we see the positive effect horses have on people physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we believe that every living entity is an expression of energy, and that energy has a purpose, we then see the horse in a different light.

The horse has served mankind unconditionally for centuries over human development and with this knowledge we see the horse as a highly evolved (frequency) being with a special purpose. We believe that the gift of the animals is to open humanity to the next evolutionary step on our journey. Our increasing awareness and connection to animals will help us to explore and to trust our 6th sense helping us gain insight into claiming our own higher perception and intuition. Our findings have led us to develop a practical system that actually helps integrate this new form of higher vibration within the body. We have called the technique ‘Whole Body Intelligence” a system whereby, through interactive exercises with the horse we are able to heal the little self /duality or the mind/body within each individual. When this is achieved we begin to feel a sense of "connection to Spirit".

A history of Holistequine and the W.B.I. System– and how the horse is helping humans connect to a more Holistic approach to life and integrating Body Mind Spirit. It is an account of how a passion for horses (and indeed a love of all animals) combined with a career as a Naturopath and Vibrational healer led to the evolvement of this new technique.

My 20 year involvement with horses became more that just a hobby. As a practitioner of Natural Therapies, Metaphysics and Energy Medicine I began to see the energetic effect horses had on our wellbeing. This combined with a keen interest in Vibrational Medicine and Nature developed into a new modality of healing and a new field of Personal Development called “Whole Body Intelligence”.

The recognition of the symbiotic relationship between animals and their carers began when I started my practice. I was called out to see many animals with various physical or emotional problems. What I wasn’t expecting to find was the mirroring effect from the owner, an effect that saw the animals often carrying similar symptoms as their human or, a behavioural problem caused by a psychological aspect of the owner. Unfortunately ten to fifteen years ago these observations were a little “fringe” to be taken seriously.

I gradually abandoned my practise and concentrated on my horses, furthering my study while all the time working on my own personal growth. I increased my horse family to 11 and without being consciously aware of it was in the embryonic stage of developing this new technique.

The Holistequine horses began to teach us a new way to communicate which was also incorporated into the system and a whole set of practical, interactive exercises started to emerge. Once we began working with whole energy field (focused through the chakra system) health issues would be exposed along with old buried behavioural patterns within a person.

They say that if you want something strongly enough the universe will provide. I had always wanted a greater understanding of why animals are in our lives, to understand the spiritual connection between animals and humans?

The answer, for me, came with getting to know my horses and of feeling that deep connection that enables horse and rider to have “one mind”. It came with the understanding of the spirit of the horse and of his service to man. It came after many years of observing how the qualities inherent in the horses strengthened our own energy field, how the strength, determination, sensitivity and mindset of the horse by osmosis seemed to instil the same qualities in us. Most importantly it taught me respect for the so called “lower kingdoms.”

As we started to attract clients and students it became clear that something very powerful was at work here. People would arrive with headaches, sinus problems and an array of minor ailments that would disappear after being around our horses. People would cry and release old programming while working with a horse of their choice.

What we were seeing was that our family of horses (the elders, the parents and the youngsters) acted as archetypes in people’s lives, and that issues created years ago by those absent family members could be cleared by the horses. The unconditional love (or service) that the horse represented was reaching areas that no human practitioner could access.

Our work with the hoses and our research into interactive bio-energy fields started to answer questions, questions as to what was happening with this exchange of energy between animals and humans.

Then after many years of working with our horses and seeing that being in the energy field of the horses improved wellbeing spiritually, emotionally and physically things were about to take a leap forward.

On a visit to our centre it was suggested by a colleague Ken Grimmer (author and researcher of electro-magnetic energy fields) that what we were probably experiencing during this interactive work with the horses was a phenomenon known by neurophysiologists as Entrainment (or Vibrational resonance).
Now we had our connection!

Entrainment is a phenomenon of Physics involving resonance. It was first linked to a 17th century Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens. “While working on the design of the pendulum clock, Huygens found that when he placed two of them on a wall near each other and swung the pendulums at different rates, they would eventually end up swinging in at the same rate. This is due to their mutual influence on one another”. More interestingly, he found that the rhythm was always dictated by the largest pendulum (or the strongest energy field). Here, at Holistequine we see the horse (energy field) as the more powerful pendulum.

Now we understood that through the mind/body/spirit connection the horses were showing us a way to apply the phenomenon. What evolved was a series of practical, interactive- equine assisted exercises the application of which we see could ultimately benefit every aspect of human emotional/physical health and wellbeing.

Scientists are at odds as to “what is mind/consciousness?” The limited view of modern Neurologists is to have located the mind in the brain with “consciousness being the result of electro-chemical neurological activity”; however this does not explain the higher levels of mind such as creativity, intuition, imagination, will or spirit. It does not explain emotional or “gut” intelligence.

Up to date there has been no effective way to measure consciousness with an instrument. To my mind we are need to accept extra-rational ways of knowing empirically, that is from an experiential approach.

This new appreciation of the concept of Entrainment became the key to understanding what was happening with our horses. Metaphysics and Physics finally join forces. Here was an example of “Entrainment” where the “stronger” energy field of the horse had a permanent healing effect on the “weaker” field of the human.

And here is the key: the energy field of the horse is so strong because unlike humans it is not weakened by negative emotions. Through this system we found that we could not only identify the weakness within the human energy centres but with the horses aid could correct any imbalances. This deeper understanding of the connection through resonance we foresee will revolutionise the way we “think” about ourselves and the world around us. It will allow us to experience life as “whole energy fields” and to understand ourselves as part of a greater Whole.

During our investigations we found that once we started working with the horses to integrate the persons “whole” body (or energy field) it had a positive, domino effect on the intelligence and the healing capacity of the physical body. In other words the mind rules the body

The advantage of working with animals in this manner means that because the feedback comes directly from the horse it is trans-personal. It is also experiential in that the human feels the effect themselves; it is not just an intellectual concept. The work at Holistequine involves a technique that appears to not only balance our IQ and Emotional Intelligence but also align our higher centres, the centres that control programming.

As we come to understand this phenomenon we are able to translate the information into programs that touch every aspect of human health and social interaction, from Life Coaching and Child Development to Corporate and Workplace training to Healing the physical body.

We are experiencing promising early results with this work and as we gain deeper understanding of interactive bio-energy fields we see it becoming a modality in the next generation of Vibrational Medicine.

Although our work here at Holistequine involves horses, not dolphins the effect that they have on humans is similar. I think this is because we have given each horse many years to let them “be themselves” to reclaim their pure essence of who they are and, just like the sea creatures our horses are free spirits...

As we know there is already widespread acceptance of the healing benefit of smaller domestic animals, dogs in particular are being used therapeutically in hospitals and nursing homes and we believe this trend will continue.

I recall many years ago while watching a documentary on space exploration the commentator said words to this effect “how can we possibly hope to make contact with life on other planets when we cannot yet successfully communicate with our own species here on earth”.

As we make progress in this area, our Spirit which can be accessed through our intuition will then be the true representation of who we are. The horse has a special role as he is a mirror to this Spirit.

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Her work with horses, Natural Therapies, Metaphysics and Energy Medicine led Veronica Garrett to research the energetic effect horses had on human health and wellbeing. This combined with a keen interest in Vibrational Medicine and Nature developed into a new modality of healing and a new field of Personal Development called “Whole Body Intelligence”. To learn more, please visit