As the temperature gets warmer, your desire to jump in the pool greatens. Swimming on a hot day is extremely refreshing for everyone, including your pooch. Most dogs are natural swimmers and love being in the water. Others can be timid and scared, especially if they have never swum before. Water safety is important, and there are things you can do to ensure the safety of your pet.

If your dog has never been swimming before or is scared of the water, then you need to slowly introduce him to it. A great way to start is with a kiddy pool. Kiddy pools are shallow enough for your pet to experience the water without being overtaken by it. Throw a couple of toys in the water, and let him play!

If you have a pool, and don’t mind your dog getting in, then you can help your dog overcome his fears. Grab a couple of treats, his favorite toy, and get in the water. Entice him with the treats and his toys. Never throw your dog in the water, because this could make him hate the experience. Swimming is a strenuous exercise, and it make take your dog some time to build up his muscles. It is also important that you don’t let your dog drink water from the pool. The chlorine can cause him to get sick. Never leave him alone in the water, and make sure he has a way to get out of the pool on his own. Chlorine can dry out your dog’s skin, so rinse him off with non-chlorinated water when he gets out of the pool. And, dry out his ears so that he doesn’t get an ear infection.

If you are going on a boat ride, then take your dog along. Many companies make life jackets especially for dogs. For the safety of your dog, it is recommended that you put a jacket on him. He may be a great swimmer; but a life jacket will ensure that if he gets tired, he can still float. Just like choosing a human life jacket, it is important that the jacket fits your dog snuggly. Before you go out on the water, let him walk around on the boat and get used to the swaying. Never secure your pooch to the boat. If something were to happen, then he would have no way to get loose. Instead, teach him to stay seated while the boat is moving. You also need to make sure that he has a way to get back into the boat. Depending on the size and weight of your dog, you may not be able to pull him out of the water

Taking your pet to the ocean can also be fun, but you have to first make sure that dogs are allowed on the beach. Like a boat ride, it is a good idea to get your pooch a life jacket just in case he ventures too far out in the water. Ocean currents are extremely dangerous for humans and pets, so never let him out of your sight. Saltwater can also be irritating to his skin, so try to rinse him off before the day is done. Drying his ears out will help prevent ear infections.

Whether you are going to the lake or ocean, it is always important that you take along a leash. You need to be able to have control over your dog at all times. Always clean up after your pet. This rule holds true no matter where you are! Being a responsible pet owner ensures that pets will be allowed at the location in the future. For the safety of your pooch, never leave him unattended in any body of water.

Splashing around in the pool is a great way to cool off on those hot days. Most dogs love water, but others are scared and need to be eased into things. Getting in the pool with your dog or using a kiddy pool are both great ways to get your dog accustomed to the water. If you take your pet on a boat ride or to the beach, then follow safety rules. It’s a good idea to get your pet a life jacket to ensure his safety. Try to rinse your dog after he swims so that the chlorine or salt won’t irritate his skin. Take a leash wherever you go, and always clean up after your pet!

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