I’m pretty uncomfortable about it at this point, and I know too that I’m doing the right thing.

As you know, I function as a Chief Spiritual Officer for several businesses. It’s hard to explain what a CSO does. The basic job is to look at business scenarios of all kinds and listen for guidance at the same time. The implication of my commitment to these concerns is that whatever I get, I share.

Ay, there’s the rub …

In one particular business, I got some guidance this week for the CEO, guidance that is out-of-the-ordinary uncomfortable. He’s making some choices in his new business that are both exhausting him, and causing difficulty within the business. He even asked me how to change his state of exhaustion. So I did what I always do, I tuned in—and voila!—guidance.

There is a second step in dealing with guidance that many of us forget. Most of us, when we get guidance, are so certain of its correctness that we feel the urge to blab it out as soon as we can. Over the many years I’ve lived as an intuitive, I’ve learned this second step the hard way. It’s a question:

Is this mine to keep … or to tell?

Not all guidance, dear one, is for sharing. I know that sounds surprising, especially in this case, because the gentleman asked me directly how to solve a problem. And solve it, I can, but … the solve will not be nearly as effective or permanent if I tell him rather than let him figure it out himself.

I know this because I applied step two: know or tell? In this case, it’s a know situation. I know, and I am not to tell. Does that seem disingenuous to you? It does to me sometimes. Here this client is paying to share what I know, and my further guidance is to say nothing—for now.

Since I got the original guidance, I’ve sat in prayer every morning (for about a week) and asked: Today? I keep getting no.

What do I do in the meantime? I show in consciousness, not tell in form.

In order to function in my own integrity, I hold the guidance and the consciousness of the man who asked me for it in juxtaposition in my heart. Guidance/Person, might be a way to say it. I know that I want him to get this, but I want to cooperate with the Divine and allow him to get it on his own, so I hold them both in my heart, and check in every day, just in case things change.

You’ll notice I wrote above: —for now. This now. And when I get to the next now, the rules and the guidance may change. Sitting with the knowing right this minute feels uncomfortable, but it would feel way more uncomfortable to push my client past his limits at this time.

With hot potato guidance, the scenario can change in an instant. That’s why I have made a habit of asking the know or tell question. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Sometimes the teacher is ready a little early.

As the teacher shows, the student will tell.

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