Goals that weren’t Achieved

It feels real bad when you open your drawer and find lots of papers that carry your old unmet goals that you forgot about them. Sometimes an unmet goal can even depress you if it was concerning something very important to you. With every goal you set and fail to achieve you reinforce more and more the belief that you are helpless and the belief that you can’t get what you want.

That’s why I wrote this article, this is not an ordinary article about goal setting but its quick guide to inserting your goal into your subconscious mind so that you become eager to achieve it.

Why do I Sometimes Fail to Achieve a Goal?

If you are admitting now that you have failed to achieve one of your goals then most probably you have already lost hope, because if you still had some hope you wouldn’t have said that you failed to achieve your goal but instead you would have said that you didn’t succeed yet.

And from this we can conclude that you fail to achieve a goal when you lose hope and not after experiencing a real failure. For instance when Edison failed 999 times in inventing the lamp he didn’t say after any try that he failed but instead he used to say that he found another incorrect way to invent the lamp.

So failure can never be measured by your progress but it can only be measured by what’s happening inside mind like declaring defeat or feeling that there is no hope.

How Not to Lose Hope?

so the question is, how not to lose hope? if you want to be always motivated then your goal should be always in front of your eyes while doing any activity. You can do this by installing the goal into your subconscious mind. When the goal settles in your subconscious mind you will find that your motivation levels are surging like never before and so you will be much more eager to achieve your goal.

The method we are going to use to install the goal into your subconscious mind is Timeline therapy. During the years I have studied personal development I have never came across something more powerful than timeline therapy for setting goals. If you don’t have any idea what’s timeline therapy is then please refer to this article before you continue.

Goal setting Using timeline Therapy

1- Close your eyes and fly above the present point.
2- Fly to the future to the point where your goal is already achieved and land there
3- take a picture of yourself at this point ( for example a picture of yourself living in your 5 million dollars house)
4- fly above this point and hold this picture in your arms while examining it carefully then leave the picture there and return back
5- while returning back to the present see all the changes happening along your way that will lead you to achieve your goals (waking up earlier, working more…etc)
6- land at the present and open your eyes

Congratulations, you have just installed the goal into your subconscious mind

Use Positive Motivation instead of negative motivation

When it comes to collecting money some people become motivated by wanting to be rich while others become motivated by not wanting to be poor, the first group of people will usally be much more motivated than the second group so if you want to become more motivated be sure to use positive motivation instead of negative motivation.

For example if you want to be rich don’t motivate yourself by looking at those accumulated bills but instead motivate yourself by looking at the picture of your dream house or by setting a positive goal using timeline as described above.

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