Before you can sit down to write a book, you have to know what you’re going to write about. Believe me, many people sit down to write a book and then end up staring at a blank computer screen or notebook. Here are three simple steps to help you get started writing a book about anything.

Step # 1 Identify a niche.

Find a group of people that are in need of specific information. It can be anything really. You can write a book on how to feed your boa constrictor an organic diet or you can write a book on how to lose 30 pounds eating only ice cream and cake. Actually – please write that book! The ideas and options are endless. Find a niche that is seeking information and write a book for them.

You might be wondering, how to find your niche. Start with the information in 3 Critical Steps To Finding The Perfect Book Topic. Once you’ve determined your niche, you can move on to step number two.

Step # 2 Identify a problem and then solve it.

Book selling is as much about solving a problem and providing a benefit as it is about writing. Your book has to provide a benefit to your reader. It has to solve a problem. Continuing with the living longer topic that in and of itself is a problem. People don’t want to die and living longer is generally an appealing concept. But you can take it a step further.

What other problems or concerns might people in this niche have? Maybe they want to live longer but they don’t want to change their diet or lifestyle too much. Maybe they want to live longer but they want to be strong and vibrant in their last years not just alive.

Now you’ve identified two potential problems for your target niche, use your book to solve them. Write a book about How to live longer without sacrificing your current quality of life or How to live longer, stronger and better starting today.

Step # 3 Write your title and sales page.

Once you have a topic and a niche chosen, your next step is to write your book’s title and sales page. Why? Because once you have taken the steps to identify exactly what your book is about, writing it will become easy.

Your title should be compelling and it should state the benefit to reading your book. For more information on how to create a compelling title read Let Them Judge Your Book By Its Cover. Why Your Book Cover Is 50% Of The Sale.

Your sales page should go into detail about exactly what readers will find inside the pages of your book and how it will make their lives richer and fuller. How will your book benefit them? Write it all out and then take steps immediately to make it the truth.

Want your writing to move more quickly than this? Don’t have time to write the book yourself? Complete steps one and two and then read 5 Secrets To Writing a Book in 1 Week

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