n 1928 Napoleon Hill coined a phrase that became the central focus around the success of his world famous book, “Think and grow rich.” The phrase he coined was “prosperity consciousness.”

Nearly 80 years after this new awareness was unleashed on the world, many are still not clear as to the specific meaning of this simple idea. Once you finish reading this enlightening article you will be absolutely clear and will then be able to begin using this powerful concept to create and attract prosperity.

The three keys to prosperity consciousness

In order to understand, develop and employ prosperity consciousness we must have in alignment three things, our thoughts, our feeling and our actions. None of the three is more important than the others. All three must be firing in alignment, similar to a well oil machine.

When this synchronization is achieved financial success becomes effortless. Without this synergy we face only struggle, frustration and self-sabotage.

Let's look at each individual component and see how we can unify these powers to begin attracting unlimited wealth.

Our thoughts

In the sequence that triggers prosperity consciousness, thoughts are the genesis. Prosperity consciousness means that our thoughts are focused on abundance, never on lack or poverty. On a deeper level, this means that we believe without a shadow of a doubt that the universe is abundant and that we can tap into that abundance.

It's important to note that poverty consciousness is the polar opposite. Poverty consciousness has us focusing on limited supply and competition. It has a damaging affect on the mind, body and spirit of the one holding the thoughts.

Have you ever had a problem that hit you from out of the blue? All of the sudden your mind is racing with thoughts of having to spend all this money in order to correct the situation. This in turn sets the body off on a tail spin with a gut wrenching feeling that sends your entire body a message of sheer panic. Within seconds, that feeling of panic influences your spirit. Next, your spirit loses it's conquering power, it's will to fight. We often call this feeling “down in the dumps.” Not a good place to be at.

More importantly, when we trigger this sequence, since it is such a physical and emotional trauma, the mind starts recording a sort of poverty consciousness hypnosis. The more you fall into this pattern, the more you attract the very thing you dread. If we are not careful poverty consciousness can literately become hard-wired into our nervous system.

I personally know a young man who would go into a cold sweat if he had to make purchase of $500 or more. In fact he almost fainted during the closing of his first home. That is how deeply his poverty consciousness was ingrained in his mind and body.

On the other hand, prosperity consciousness breeds confidence. An inner knowing that will you will always have more than enough. Releasing money into circulation actually creates joy, happiness and satisfaction. Deep down inside you know that every dollar you release comes back to you multiplied.

So the first key component is our thoughts. Why? Because our thoughts trigger key number 2... our feelings.

Our feelings

If you could somehow train your body to feel joy, bliss and happiness everytime you thought about money you would become a magnet to wealth. The trick is to be able to do this at both spectrum's of handling money. You need to get fired up and enjoy paying bills as much as you get excited when you receive a check. Again, your focus should be on abundance, not lack. If you get depressed when you pay your bills you are telling your mind that there is a limited supply. That is not prosperity consciousness.

Remember, synergy is of utmost importance. Everytime you allow a feeling of fear, or overanxious, or any negative feeling become associated with wealth or money you instantly interrupt the flow of money to you. And the stronger those feelings are, the faster you attract those negative situations you fear.

That is precisely why it is of major importance to guard our thoughts. Thoughts are the triggering device for feelings. First the thought, then a corresponding feeling.

Our actions

Actions are the connecting link between our inner world, our thoughts and feelings, and our outer world. Actions solidify and make concrete what we are thinking and feeling. It unifies the three together to create a cohesive power that attracts wealth.

Again, your actions must be in alignment with the fact that you know on a deep level that the universe is abundant and that you will always have more than enough. Your language must also support your actions. You must never speak of lack or competition. Competition leads the mind to think in terms of there not being enough to go around.

Putting it all together

As stated earlier, unification is the key. All cylinders must be firing in sequence in order to move the car. The same is true here. The good news is that by creating a conscious control over our thoughts we can pretty much control the entire sequence.

Good thoughts lead to good feelings, which in turn leads to positive actions. How can you consistently have good thoughts? In only one way, you must come to realize and believe that the universe is truly abundant. There is more than enough to go around. There is more than enough money, love, happiness, customers, food, and everything else you can think of. Once you get certain that the universe is abundant, guarding your thoughts will become easy.

Until you accept the fact that the universe is abundant, you will continue to fight tooth and nail against your own mind because your mind will always bring you back to a lack mentality.

Accept abundance as the supreme law of the universe and synchronize these three components of prosperity consciousness. Soon the floodgates will be opened and wealth will come pouring into your life. Expect miracles and you will make them happen.

Author's Bio: 

Mike Martinez is a freelance writer residing in southern New Jersey. He is a fulltime network marketer involved in the marketing of arevolutionary new product that helps the body release it's own bone marrow stem cells to achieve optimal health.