Blog: How are you doing in these times? Want better?

Truly what we hold and reflect creates a huge part of our reality. If everyone is having this collective discussion about how bad it is are you joining in? I say lets change the discussion to what do we want to do with this. We obviously have some severely broken systems are we going to be happy with patching them up? Would you be happy with retreads for tires never knowing when the whole thing may just spin off? Why would we be happy with retreads for our monetary systems, our government, and our business systems?

We are entering a new era and this era requires a different set of rules. The internet has shown us it is all about connection. Not only whom you are connected to but what you are connecting about and what you are doing to support the people you are connecting with. Yes I do know there are all sorts of weird on the internet in every field. I also know there is every kind of uplifting. People are not afraid to speak of soul and spirit. What is the state of our collective spirit right now? How are you contributing to that?
How can you see building our collective spirit? What are you doing to get more energy? What are you doing to share it? How do we go about Greening ourselves?

I don’t just want to ask questions I do want to offer some tips that I have found work.

You want more hope? Get more energy. Energy is the baseline of everything. Where do we go to get more energy? Usually, sleep, food, maybe exercise, meditation, prayer. So what do you eat? Is it truly feeding your entire being or just your taste buds? Are they getting to make the decision for your entire being?

Look fearless at your food this week and see if you are truly feeding yourself or just placating some couple hundred taste buds. Watch how you feel after you eat. Do you get tired? Depressed? Nauseated? Or feel light and ready for more of your day? Paying attention is the first rule in changing anything. Having the foods that fuel you available is another biggie. Look at what you have available at work, at home and see what you are choosing? You know you can bring your won snacks and tea bags. Choose food that has life force. You are expecting it to feed your life force and if it does not have any how can it. Go for drinks that will not take you down. That means juices, teas, water, lemon or lime water walk away from the caffeineated, carbonated drinks they will lift you up and drop you hard. I know we love the rush but then we turn to mush. Just look at food and choose comfort food that really will comfort you for the duration. Paying attention to our food while we eat is important. When we pay attention to how and what we eat we tend to not overeat. Overeating takes lots of energy to digest

Sleep? Do you get good sleep? Quality is different than quantity. What are you doing to get a better sleep? What are good alternatives to sleeping pills?
Check out herbs in the health food store and that will tell you that we have some full on sleep problems or there would not be so many choices. Do you watch TV in your bedroom? By the way this is a big no because that is what you take to bed with you. Often fall asleep with it going and our entire subconscious gets filled with whatever no filtering system. Try listening to your ipod or CD’s very softly while you sleep. Use relaxing music and chants that will hold, embrace and take you deep. Have a dark room or use eye pillows or eye masks. What you eat before bed counts. Some people really need to eat something before they go to sleep and others really do not.
Know which one you are. Experiment and see what helps you. Eating in front of the TV means you are not focusing on your food but it still counts as food. Take that shower or bath at the end of each day so you don’t take the whole day and all the people to bed with you. Take a moment and meditate before you go to sleep. Just get greatful for all you have even if it is just your breath. List all the people who have helped you in any way this day and bless them. Gratitude is truly a great attitude and how you go to sleep does matter. Wrapped in a great attitude will allow possibilities to come to you in your sleep.

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Gurutej Khalsa is known as the Energy Guru to high-ranking executives,Hollywood celebs, fitness lovers, and to people from all walks of life and socio-economic means.

She has been featured on TV’s “The Ex-Wives Club,” and MTV Calum Best,And her upcoming book, A Slice of the Beloved: Yoga for Couples (working title), is slated for publication in 2009.

She more recently created the Energy Gurus as a mean to bring much needed knowledge to larger groups and in the work place where people lack of energy is the most detrimental.

Her educational background includes: KRI Certification: Level One and Level Two, Teacher Trainer; four years of undergraduate study at the University of Missouri, Columbia, and the University of Arizona, Tucson; Master Trainer of Kundalini Yoga.

Most important, Gurutej has spent 40 years practicing, refining specific solutions applicable to mastering your lack of energy, no matter what you do for a living.

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