We should probably start this out with, what is a Dream Circle? Well, remember your favorite comic strips with the little bubble above the character’s head either holding their thoughts or dreams. Your Dream Circle should be your dreams of what you wish to become, the things or stuff you want in your life, the life partner you wish to have, and so on.

But unfortunately, most tend to shrink their Dream Circle to match their current life. They think limiting thoughts by feeling they can’t have it, can’t achieve it, can't lose the weight, can't afford healthy food, don’t make enough money……and the list goes on.

What can you do to reverse this? One way is increase your current results to match your Dream Circle. Sounds easy, right? Before you can do this, you need to clear out any negative thoughts or feelings that are holding you back and create new beliefs about and for yourself. Remember that old saying, turn your can’t into I can? Everything from starting a new business to making healthier lifestyle changes is that your success will depend on your beliefs.

Now your asking, how do I do this? A very simple, but great tool I’ve personally used is like a treasure map or vision board. On it you want to see a visual reminder of your ideal scene, with your goal fully realized. Make it as if it already exists and NEVER show anything you don’t want.

If you’re thinking that you’re really not sure about what you do want, I be you know what you don’t want. Make a list of all the don’t wants, like: I don’t want to be fat. I don’t want to be poor. I don’t want____________; then go back and make a new list of the polar opposite. With that new list in hand, you’ll have a great starting point to create your new treasure map or vision board. Remember, life is like a salad bar, there are so many choices out there, but no one can force you to eat what you don't like.

There are several types of treasure map’s or vision boards that you can create. Build one for health, your weight or physical condition, self-image and beauty, relationships, job or career, creativity, family and friends, travel and so on. The point is to have fun and to make your dream circle HUGE!

Something also to keep in mind is that you need to see yourself in the pictures, in that new car looking over the dash, standing in that new kitchen, or in that chair lounging on the beach. Not just dreaming and wishing about them, but being in the picture.

Another excellent tool you can use to help shift your thinking is learning one of the most powerful phrases, “I Am”. For example, write or say out loud to yourself (yes, you’ll feel silly, but I promise it’s very effective):

I am healthy, vibrant and full of energy.
I am attracting unlimited abundance to my life.
I am happy, fulfilled and excited about my dream business/job.
I am happy and excited about sharing my life with my dream partner.
I am living the life of my dreams.

You get the idea. Create positive words to build your future life with. As I’ve learned, today is only the result of yesterday’s choices. But tomorrow is brought about by what your are choosing to do right now.

So if you want that dream kitchen, go visit a showroom or even your dream house with all the stuff you wish for. Put yourself in that place, feel the cool granite countertops, push the buttons on that new dishwasher. If you want that new body, go look at new clothes, feel the softness of the cashmere or silk, visualize it on your skin and how it will look on your lean body. Imagine your body healthy, trim and strong. If you want a new car, sit in the one you dream about. Smell the leather, feel the steering wheel, turn on the stereo and listen to that amazing sound system. Be in the picture, not just see the picture.

And if any negative thoughts creep back into your mind, like “this isn‘t real, this can‘t happen, are you joking?!”, snap it out of there like a rubber band on your wrist and say “Thank you, next.“ Those thoughts are like the weeds in a garden. They need to be pulled before they take over and choke out the good plants. You need to water and cultivate your good plants or thoughts. And yes, it takes practice. A dream is just a direction, not the end result, because once you get the hang of this. You’ll be creating more and more in your life. As a friend once told me, you never get it done.

In time, your beliefs about what you can do will change, opportunities will open up and many of your dreams will be realized.

So is it possible to live the life of your dreams? You bet it is, but you have to be willing to dare to dream big and believe in yourself.

As one of my favorite people once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt.

How big is your Dream Circle?

Author's Bio: 

Kathleen lives in Seattle with her husband and two young boys. Both her kids have Type 1 Diabetes, so she's found a creative way to work from home and still take care of their medical needs. She loves reading, writing, working in her garden and enjoying life to the fullest.