Brainwave entrainment is the new wave technology that has recently just hit the personal development industry. While it has not yet become a household name among aficionados of mind power and cerebral improvement, the technology is slowly but steadily making waves in many parts of the world. This can be attributed to the ease of its application and its relatively low cost - backed up by a measurable and clearly defined method of delivery that delivers results as well as tangible reactions to the technology.

Brainwave entrainment in a nutshell is brainwave synchronization - which in simple terms is using auditory subsonic engineered waves to align the brain to a frequency pattern desired for the achievement of a ‘performance peak’ within the brain. Of course, this technology was based on the scientific findings that within the cortical of the brain are a frequency follower mechanism that uses brain neurons to fire electromagnetic waves in specific frequencies - the very frequencies that can be picked up by sensitive EEG equipment.

The reason behind this is that science has discovered that the brain operates in capacities far above normal when in certain low and high frequencies. In total, there are about 5 different frequencies, and they range from low frequencies to high ones (from 0.1 to 38 or more Hz), and each of these ranges has a specific purpose.

For example at lower frequencies, there is a distinction towards memory absorption, learning languages and even relaxation. The only oxymoron to this is that these brainwaves are associated for times just before or during deep sleep, where the body is inert and the pre conscious mind awake. Also, at these frequencies, the brain tells the rest of the body to accelerate the healing process as well as increase the production of growth hormones.

Technology like brainwave entrainment has given humanity the ability to wield these powers at any time of the day. Imagine if there was a term paper the very next day and one needed to study and retain volumes of information - the brain at low or Alpha frequencies will be able to learn, absorb and retain loads of facts and data. All that needs to be done is to introduce the subsonic frequencies hidden by normal medium and stimulation into the ears to receive the desired effect.

This is how brainwave entrainment can help you boost your brainpower at anytime of the day and for whatever application that is desired. The good thing is that there are many incarnations of this technology in consumer level product packages tailor made for the ease of use and availability. It is also being constantly driven by scientific research and investments from the luminaries of the personal development industry, so the technology and its applications are constantly evolving.

This is a good time for anyone to get their hands on brainwave entrainment and boost their brainpower - giving them the edge needed to survive in a world of constant changes and challenges. Use brainwave entrainment to boost your brainpower, today.

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