Do you have a child who groans, gripes, and grumbles, doesn't listen, or has ADD? Inside are parenting tips for creating character building charts. They help turn misbehaviors into great behaviors and build character too.

Parenting Tips - Bribing vs. Training:

First, let's get one thing straight. Character building charts don't bribe. Why? Bribes get people to do the wrong thing. These charts get children to do the right thing.

OK, I hear you. "Why should I give my child rewards for doing the right thing?" Let's face it, kids need training. Charts help you train. The rewards help your kids feel great. They build good habits too. Let's move on.

Here Are 4 Tools You'll Need for the Chart:

A pencil
A piece of 8"x11"white paper
A ruler
Stickers or, if you prefer, you can draw stars

Parenting Tips for Creating a Simple Weekly Chart:

First, print "My goal is______________" at the top of the chart. If your child sasses, the goal could be, "My goal is to speak nicely to mom. I will earn a sticker each time I do." Work on one behavior at a time.

Second, draw 7 boxes, one for each day of the week. At the top of the boxes print "Monday", "Tuesday" and so on. There should be enough room inside the boxes for several stickers.

Third, using three lines, print out the words for the rewards:

If I earn 3 stars, I receive: ___________________________________
If I earn 5 stars, I receive: ___________________________________
If I earn 7 or more stars, I receive: ___________________________

You can adjust the number of stars to fit the behavior your child is improving.

Make sure the rewards aren't store bought. Instead, make the rewards fun times with you. I call these fun times non-material bonding rewards. They won't cost you a penny.

There is nothing more your child wants than your loving attention, appreciation, and approval. Your bonding rewards give this to your child.

How to Change 5 Child Misbehaviors into Positive Goals:

Let's go back to the top goal line ~

Not listening becomes "My goal is to listen well."
Not doing homework becomes "My goal is to do my homework before I play."
Not going to bed on time becomes "My goal is to be in bed by 8 o'clock."
Not picking up toys becomes "My goal is to pick up my toys before dinner."
Hitting becomes "My goal is to keep my hands to myself."

Character Building Charts ~ How to Explain the Charts to Your Child:

Let's pretend your child doesn't listen. You're frustrated and you want to try the behavior chart instead of yelling. Tell your child, "When you listen well, I'll give you a star. The number of stars you earn will get you fun time with me. Let's write down some fun activities we can do together."

5 Possible Bonding Rewards Your Child Will Love to Do with You:

Put a jigsaw puzzle together
Read me a mystery story
Draw pictures
Go to the library
Catch bugs together

Character Building Charts Conclusion:

Character Building Charts don't bribe. They train your child to do the right thing. Start by turning your child's misbehaviors into positive goals. Work on one goal at a time. Reward by creating a list of fun activities to do together. If you do, your child will build character, bond with you, and do the right thing too.

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