People frequently ask me, "If you're the author of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, then how come you're not driving a Rolls Royce?"

Well, it's real simple—I don't want a Rolls Royce, except maybe when I'm speaking and making appearances. And on select occasions when I wanted the staging, I have rented a Rolls AND a chauffeur. The truth of the matter is, however, I want to blend in, so I'm not a target for thieves and crooks.

That's real simple, and that's good sense. Anybody who has any money has had the opportunity to learn about security, asset protection, and tax reductions…these are normal and ordinary things.

But that's not what I want to talk about today. What I want to talk about today is the fact that you make fulfillment, actualization, whatever you want it to be. You define it—not somebody else, not some exterior standard. And it's what you believe. It's what you believe that you have access to, that you have potential to, that you want to do that will be the limit of your achievement.

For instance, at a certain point in their lives a lot of people want to be rock stars—not everybody, but a lot. You notice that some people are doing it, and some are not.

There's something to be said for natural talent and ability. However, one of the greatest pianists I've ever known, Clay Cotton, a man who did play with Janis Joplin, Mick Jagger, and a number of others, says that musicians—and this is a guy who's done it—are made, not born.

He says it comes about from practice, practice, practice. He says you have to practice tens of thousands of hours before you get good. And the first 10,000 hours don't count.

We're speaking about dedication. We're speaking about an investment that can only come about from a passion and a belief that it will happen to you. You see, until you believe, you have not accessed your powers of commitment. You're always second-guessing, always hesitating, always holding back, always afraid of "what if," always considering other opportunities.

But when you have committed, you've committed. You're not second-guessing opportunities—you're going after them. Therein, you have accessed the power.

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